The two models 038 and 037

The two models of Rabbit-3 floor machinesPointing hand

They are two speed machines. They revolve at 200rpm on slow speed and 300rpm on high speed.

2W22038 with flex hose

2W22038 with flex hose


Rabbit-3 part #2W22038 with Flex hose


 2W22037 Rabbit-3 NO flex hose

Rabbit-3 NO flex hose

Rabbit-3 part #2W22037 NO Flex hose

Both models are equipped with 50 ft cable and removable-Splash Guard. The Rabbit-3 part #2w22038 with its short flex hose is ready to be equipped to clean baseboard. To complete it, you’ll need a water tank part #2A88920 and a Scrub Jay #3 part # 2A81356.

The weights maybe used on both machines. The two weights are 80lb. To which you’ll add the machine weight and the water tank with some water result about 185lb. They will reduce the stripping time by 50% Needless to say, it is an excellent investment.




SONY DSCscrub_jay_3_baseboard_cleaning