Filter types for Silento

HEPA filter – belowArrow-Hand

Silento-HEPA filter

HEPA filter


FINE filter – below


FINE filter

Filters for the Silento vacuums

The FILTER IS THE VACUUM cleaner. Not the motor, not the container but the FILTER.

On the top is shown the HEPA filter and right below it is the “FINE filter”. Either the HEPA or the FINE filter can be used as the FINAL filter in this triple filter system. Use the HEPA when extreme filtration is needed. For most jobs the “Fine filter” will suffice. The RED light, left of the black receptacle, is an indicator when to change the filter. When it is lit, the filter is plugged with dirt and the airflow is impeded. That is when the light turns ON.

To change the filter

Remove the black plug. Push in a flat head screw driver and undo the large hose clamp that secures the filter on the motor. After which with two hands, joggle the filter off the motor. Then push the new filter on to the motor and tighten the hose clamp around it. Finally, put the plug back into its hole. The job is done.