3 Easy Steps to Cleaning and Stripping Baseboards


Brush Centaur's TroubleGone Onto The Baseboard

  • TroubleGone is an almost neutral pH water-based baseboard cleaning solution.
  • Unlike other highly alkaline stripper sprays, it is safe to use in all environments (including schools and hospitals).
  • Its viscosity will keep it on the baseboard without running off.
  • No need for respirator masks as it is non-harmful.

Use Centaur’s Rabbit-1 (or Rabbit-3) Floor Machine with The Scrub Jay # 3 Baseboard Attachment

  • Position the flex hose on to the Scrub Jay and control the flow of water using the lever under the machine handle.
  • The water will lubricate the baseboard and wash down the dirt as you move the machine along the baseboard.
  • For taller baseboards (up to 8"), attach the Scrub Jay #4 on to the Scrub Jay #3.

Use a Wet Vacuum to Clean Up the Area

  • Use a Wet Vac (like a Centaur SL-6 or SL-8) with a squeegee tool to clean up the water on the floor near the baseboard.
  • If need be, run a mop along the baseboard to dry it off.

Types of Baseboards You Can Clean

Square Baseboards

cove baseboard cleaning

To clean square baseboards, use a 3″ strip pad on the Scrub Jay #3, together with a 17″ bottom pad to get a perfect square-fit clean.

Cove Baseboards

cove baseboard cleaning

To clean cove baseboards, use a 4″ strip pad on the Scrub Jay #3, together with a 14″ bottom pad for a perfect rounded-fit clean.

Tall Baseboards

tall baseboard cleaning

To clean taller baseboards, simply fit a Scrub Jay #4 on top of a Scrub Jay #3 and you can now clean up to 8″ of vertical baseboard.

The Ultimate Baseboard Cleaning Machine

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rabbit-1F squareBaseboard Cleaning Also Available with Rabbit-1 Floor Machine

Model Shown:
Rabbit-3 with Baseboard Package

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Tools & Accessories For Baseboard Cleaning

Deluxe Water Tank

Deluxe Floor Machine Water Tank

Use the 16 L (4 GAL) water tank for jobs that require a water supply – like stripping floors, baseboard cleaning & stone restoration.

Learn More

Item Part #
Deluxe Water Tank (Long Adjusting Bar) 2A88920
Deluxe Water Tank (Rabbit-8/8L) 2A88801
Deluxe Water Tank (Short Adjusting Bar) 2A88900

Scrub Jay #3

Scrub Jay #3 Baseboard Cleaner

The Scrub Jay # 3 baseboard cleaning tool is designed to fit on to any Centaur Floor Machine and cleans baseboards 4″ tall.

Item Part #
Scrub Jay #3 2A81356

Scrub Jay #4

Scrub Jay #4 Baseboard Cleaner

Attach the Scrub Jay #4 to Scrub Jay #3 to clean taller baseboards (up to 8″ tall).

Item Part #
Scrub Jay #4 2A81358

TroubleGone Baseboard Cleaner

4 L20 L troublegone

TroubleGone is a powerful slightly alkaline, water-based cleaning & stripping agent which is safe for use in all environments like schools and hospitals.

TroubleGone is non-caustic, non-corrosive, and very low odour making it a safe alternative to the harsh aerosol baseboard strippers on the market.

TroubleGone is specially formulated to clean and strip layers of old wax from baseboards with the Rabbit-1 or Rabbit-3 floor machine. Apply TroubleGone to any vertical surface using a brush or trigger spray.

Approx. Coverage: 150 linear feet / litre on a 4″ tall baseboard

Item Part #
4 L TroubleGone 8A01370
20 L TroubleGone 8A01371

Black Pad Strips

3"4" black pad strip

The replacement black strips come in two sizes and are for more aggressive cleaning.

The 3″ strips are used on the Scrub Jay #3 for cleaning “Square” baseboards only and the 4″ strips are for cleaning “Cove” baseboards (with the Scrub Jay #3) as well as for use with the Scrub Jay #4.

Item Part #
3″ Black Replacement Pad Strip (5/case) 2A81210
4″ Black Replacement Pad Strip (5/case) 2A81216

Blue Pad Strips

3"4" blue pad strips

The replacement blue strips come in two sizes.

The 3″ strips are used on the Scrub Jay #3 for cleaning “Square” baseboards only and the 4″ strips are for cleaning “Cove” baseboards (with the Scrub Jay #3) as well as for use with the Scrub Jay #4.

Item Part #
3″ Blue Replacement Pad Strip (5/case) 2A81212
4″ Blue Replacement Pad Strip (5/case) 2A81218

ASTRO Diamond Pad Strips

4" astro diamond pad strips 800,-400-grit

These diamond impregnated pad strips are designed to clean and hone terrazzo baseboards and remove discolouration.

Astro diamond pad strips are sold individually.

Item Part #
4″ Astro Diamond Pad Strip (400 Grit) 2A81223
4″ Astro Diamond Pad Strip (800 Grit) 2A81224

Blue Cleaning Pad

13"14"15"17"18" cleaning pad

Use the blue pad for routine cleaning and scrubbing.

The blue removes dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled surfaces prior to re-coating.

Item Part #
13″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81129
14″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81135
15″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81113
17″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81263
18″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81153

Black Stripping Pad

13"14"15"16"17"18" black strip pad

Use the black pad for heavy duty wet stripping.

The black pad works aggressively and removes wax, dirt, and old floor finish.

Item Part #
13″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81131
14″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81137
15″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81111
16″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81175
17″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81261
18″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81157

SL-6 / SL-8 Wet and Dry Vacuum

Use The SL-6 / SL-8 Where You Need To Clean Up Floors That Get Very Messy.

Learn More

Item Part #
SL-6 1W12030
SL-6 + Tool Kit #74 1W12032
SL-8 1W12034
SL-8 + Tool Kit #74 1W12035

Baseboard Cleaning FAQ

What’s the difference between a Centaur Rabbit-1 and Rabbit-3 Floor Machine?

Both Rabbit-1 and Rabbit-3 machines are similar in size (with an 18″ drive block, down sizeable to 13″) and an integrated (and removable) Splashguard. Either machine can be used for Baseboard Stripping & Cleaning with the Scrub Jay attachment, and when fitted with a Deluxe Water Tank & Flex Hose.

The key difference is that the Rabbit-1 has a single speed 175 RPM 1.5HP AC Motor while the Rabbit-3 has a dual speed 200/300 RPM 1.5HP DC Motor. In addition to using both machines to clean baseboards, clean and strip floors, the Rabbit-3 can also be used as a floor polisher at the higher 300 RPM speed (so you don’t have to use a separate floor burnisher).

I already have a Centaur Rabbit-1 (or Rabbit-3) machine, can I buy the attachments separately and convert my existing Rabbit into a baseboard cleaning machine?

Yes you can. Here’s what you’ll need to fit on to your existing Rabbit 1 or 3: You’ll need the flex hose, a deluxe water tank, and the scrub-jay #3. It’s a simple enough process to fit these on to your Rabbit, and we’ll be happy to show you how.

Why do you only recommend Centaur’s TroubleGone baseboard cleaning solution?

We ONLY recommend the TroubleGone solution for the following reasons:

First , TroubleGone is a slightly alkaline (close to neutral pH) water-based cleaning chemical which is safe to use in all environments (including schools and hospitals). This means it is non-harmful and unlike typical aerosol sprays and acidic baseboard stripping chemicals you won’t need to put on a respirator mask.

Second , using any acidic stripper will dissolve the binding agents in the Scrub Jay and potentially damage the equipment.

Third , TroubleGone comes off the baseboards easily with water – no other solution or chemical is required.

Fourth , It’s easy and fast to apply TroubleGone to the baseboards. All you need is a long handle brush and a bucket and you’re good to go. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the chemical from the wall, which is common if using a spray.

Lastly , TroubleGone is specially formulated to do all three: to clean, strip and restore baseboards easily and effectively.

Do I ONLY need to use clean water to strip and clean baseboards?

Yes! The water tank is for clean water ONLY. Water provides the necessary lubrication and will rinse off the dirt and wax off the baseboards. The combination of TroubleGone + Water + Scrub Jay on a Rabbit machine takes care of everything and you’ll get the best results in the fastest time possible.

Can I strip floors at the same time I’m cleaning the baseboard?

Yes you can. All you need is to exchange the pad on the bottom of the Scrub Jay #3.

I have a heavy soiled baseboard. Which pad do I use?

Use a black pad strip for heavily soiled baseboards. Use a blue pad strip for average soiled baseboards.

Can the ScrubJay work on any other swing machine?

The Scrub Jay will ONLY work with Centaur’s Rabbit floor machines.

Can anyone operate the Rabbit with the Scrub Jay easily?

Yes, if you are experienced operator of a swing machine, you’ll find it easy and effortless to clean and restore baseboards.

How do the pads stay on the Scrub Jay during operation? Wont they come off?

Centaur has engineered a special Pad Locker, which is a non-marking device that easily secures the pad while in use.

Can you restore Stone baseboards with the Scrub Jay?

Yes, you can order 400 & 800 grit diamond pads from Centaur which you can use on your Scrub Jay. This allows you to restore the stone baseboard without getting on your hands and knees and using a hand grinder.

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Exceptional Workmanship

“Centaur products have proven to be highly effective, extremely durable and cost effective. The Rabbit line meets all of or scrubbing, stripping and bonneting needs and we have many that are still in service that were purchased over ten years ago.

Furthermore, it has been our pleasure to deal with your company. You and your staff have always conducted yourselves with the highest level of integrity. That, together with a very solid product offering, has made this a very beneficial partnership.”

—Brian Gingras, CBSE President Bee-Clean Building Maintenance

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One of the Secrets of Our Success

“Our relationship dates back to the mid-sixties, your persistence, dependable products and flawless customer service enabled our company to focus on our growth and customer service.

Our field staff has successfully utilized the Rabbit floor machine for many years; it’s versatility, dependability is unparalleled and unquestioned within our organization. As I look back, we continue to purchase your product without hesitation and the evolution of your company has contributed to the success of ours.”

—Michael P. Hurley, former President & Co-CEO Hurley Corporation


Versatile and a Time Saver

“I’ve been using Centaur floor machines for 15 years with great success. Attachments like the water tank and the 40lb weight makes the machine’s versatility quite impressive. The baseboard attachment (Scrub Jay) is phenomenal. As you know wax and liquids get splashed on the baseboards throughout the year and it is very time consuming to remove them by hand, but with this attachment, all that is required is to apply baseboard cleaner and go.”

—Dustin Chang, FCH Maintenance