Keeping Bathroom Spaces Clean Doesn’t Need to Take Hours, Even for a High Traffic Commercial Facility

The larger the commercial facility, the more bathrooms there will likely be. More bathrooms usually equates to more man-hours to keep them clean. Larger commercial facilities will even have staff dedicated to almost exclusively maintaining the bathroom facilities.

For example, a mall or hospital might have one or multiple maintenance personnel moving from one restroom area to the next, constantly cleaning up the counters, mopping up spills and stains, wiping down the countertops and the sinks, and making sure toilet paper, paper towels, and other materials are stocked up properly.

With so many areas to take care of, mopping and cleaning around toilets can be time-consuming, especially if there are narrow spaces around the toilets and stall walls. The right equipment can cut down cleaning time for the maintenance department, giving them more opportunity to get more work done throughout the day.

In fact, with the right equipment, that maintenance personnel could end up being utilized for other purposes beyond just maintaining the restroom facilities.

Check out the Rabbit-3.

The Rabbit-3 by Centaur Floor Machines is one of the leading commercial floor cleaning machines out there. Not only is it lightweight, it is also incredibly powerful and versatile. It can clean, strip, polish, buff, and wax floor surfaces, clean baseboards, and it is small and maneuverable enough for tight spaces, such as the gap between the toilet and walls.

Because it is lightweight, it is incredibly easy to maneuver and cart around. It has casters that make it easy to carry down the hall and from one room to the next, but it is also light enough to go up and down stairs with minimal effort.

Centaur Floor Machines is one of the leaders for commercial floor maintenance. Their machines are incredibly durable, long-lasting, efficient and effective. For those commercial property managers, supervisors, or owners who have found their maintenance department spending an inordinate about time just keeping restroom facilities clean, investing in the Rabbit-3 is a great idea.

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