With Winter on the Way Out, It’s Not Yet Time to Put Away Those Invaluable Walk-Off Mats!

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It’s almost an incredible relief for many individuals when winter finally relaxes its grip on the region. This winter has been no different than previous years, with incredible amounts of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and extremely cold temperatures. As spring continues to bring in warmer air, there’s this false sense of security, as though all winter precipitation has finally ceased. That can cause some commercial facilities to plan accordingly. Using walkoff and scraper mats is a great way to help reduce the amount of road salt, sand, and...

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The Incredible (and Sometimes Hidden) Value Wet/Dry Vacuums Can Offer Commercial Facilities

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A wet/dry vacuum cleaner may be most commonly thought of for warehouse style facilities or a regular house, especially one with the basement or garage work area, but they can also be invaluable assets for some commercial facilities. These wet/dry vacuum cleaners can be used to pick up a great deal of debris, including nails, coins, paperclips, nuts and bolts, sawdust, and even water and other moisture that gets spilled onto various floor surfaces. While these machines are not commonly used to maintain a basic office floor surface, they can be...

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Checking Out the ‘Competition’ Could Give You Valuable Insight on What Is (Or Isn’t) Working for Commercial Maintenance Projects

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There’s something to be said about checking out the competition. After all, even though you are in direct competition with other businesses, the way they do things, the way they go about various processes, can provide you some valuable insight into what works and what might not work. Some companies invest a great deal in their general maintenance department. A commercial facility that might be 20 years old, for example, on the outside may be showing some signs of age and fatigue, but when you step inside, it looks almost new. Sure, they may...

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The Hidden Beauty of Many Commercial Facilities Is in the Floor, and Once It’s Cleaned, Polished, and Buffed Properly, It Truly Does Shine

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Not enough attention is placed on commercial floors in many facilities. That’s because they essentially serve a base purpose, but when an individual steps into a facility that is incredibly clean, well-maintained, and the floor absolutely shines, it does something to their impression, their emotions, and the way they feel about this facility itself. It can make the person feel welcome. But, for those commercial facilities that have old commercial floor cleaning machines and maintenance personnel who don’t really care as much about the...

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Cleaning Commercial Floor Surfaces Doesn’t Have to Be an Activity EVERYONE in the Facility Knows Is Going on at That Time

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One issue many commercial facilities that essentially operate 24 hours a day faces is how to keep the floor surfaces clean without being disruptive to businesses, clients, partners, consumers, and more. Hospitals are often the most commonly thought of facility that has to contend with these issues. Men and women who spend a considerable amount of time in hospitals, either for themselves or visiting a family member or friend, when asked, might stop and think about it and realize they rarely ever saw anybody out and about, using heavy machines,...

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Warning! That Old, Beat-Up, Broken Down Commercial Vacuum May Actually Be Making Things Worse in Your Facility

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As a commercial facility manager, owner, or supervisor, you may be dealing with a situation that will only grow worse. You might have a powerful but old commercial vacuum for those office spaces. The carpeting in those offices is considered short pile, so there’s really not much to worry about, right? Actually, that’s not the case. Whether it’s deep pile carpeting or an area rug or something incredibly low, even the most powerful vacuum in the world is just not strong enough to get everything out. Given enough time, dust, dirt,...

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Wanting a Better Looking Commercial Facility Is Great, but Is That Enough?

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Owning or managing a commercial facility is a great responsibility. When this facility is like a hospital, school, or office center, it’s important to not only make sure it is safe for everyone who will be entering the premises, but also looking its best. Having the desire for a commercial facility to look its best is one thing, but how can that be achieved? Perhaps one of the most important things is to look at the equipment and personnel. No matter the age of any facility, there may need to be changes to ensure that it looks its best...

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What’s the ONE THING You’d Want to See That Might Improve the Appearance and Condition of Your Commercial Floor Surfaces?

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If there was anything that might improve the appearance and condition of commercial floor surfaces, and price was really no object, what would it be? This is a question many commercial maintenance supervisors should be asking themselves. Not because it’s calling for them to increase their maintenance budget or purchase a brand new commercial floor surface that might not be necessary at this point in time, but rather to highlight what happens to be most important for many of these supervisors. Many would say they would want more diligent,...

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Constant Struggles Commercial Business Owners Face When Dealing with Winter Fatigue and Tracked in Muck and Ice

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Fatigue is most likely going to happen for a lot of people during the winter. Except for those who absolutely love the snow and outdoor sporting events, the constant clearing of snow and ice from driveways, walkways, steps, and other areas, clearing it off of cars, having to trudge through this white substance to and from work, can all create a sense of fatigue. For the commercial business owner as well as the maintenance department, it can also happen to them. It’s not easy trying to keep up with cleaning those commercial floors, keeping...

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Making a Mountain Out of a Mole Hill: How Some Commercial Facilities Create Major Headaches Out of Small, Daily Tasks

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The expression ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill’ is quite common, but how many people truly understand what that means? Essentially, it basically says that person will make a major problem out of what is, in essence, a small issue. There are many ways to make a mountain out of a mole hill. For a commercial facility manager, that can happen in numerous ways. One simple way to turn a molehill (or a small issue) into a major headache or problem is to not provide personnel with the right tools. For example, when it comes to commercial...

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