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Discover the Secrets of The Centaur Rabbit-3

“There is really no magic about it,” says Tony Lelkes, its inventor. “The Rabbit-3 is engineered for comfortable use and has the motor-power and add-on tools to get floor surfaces ready for a Royal visit” EASY AND SAFE TO OPERATE: The Rabbit-3 has a twist grip handle like a ... read more

Vacuum Filters 101 – What Every Professional Cleaner Should Know

Here are some important things to consider when thinking about selecting and caring for vacuum filters.  Why are vacuum filters so important? Filters are a critical component of a vacuum system. Together, with a good motor and effective seals, good filtration is essential to the performance of a ... read more

How To Restore & Prepare Concrete Floors

Here are some important things to consider and keep in mind when restoring and preparing concrete floors: Typically, customers will want their concrete flooring restored when it starts looking dull, scratched up, and worn out. When taking on a concrete floor polishing job, the 3 most important ... read more

What You Need To Know About ASTRO Diamond Pads

Here are some important things to consider and keep in mind when using ASTRO Diamond Pads: ASTRO diamond pads are high-quality buffing pads that are infused with tiny diamonds so they become more abrasive and allow you to clean a floor mechanically, without using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. ... read more

Carpet Cleaning Tools Every Commercial Cleaner Should Consider

When cleaning commercial carpets, the first question to ask yourself is: How much time do you have, and how much money do you want to spend? That’s because each method of carpet cleaning requires specific equipment and tools, uses different processes and can take different amounts of time to ... read more

The Top 6 Vacuum Tools Every Professional Cleaner Should Consider

We often find that commercial cleaners tend to use one, maybe two tools on their vacuum cleaners to do every job. And while that is efficient, in some ways, the reality is that there are a variety of tools available for different types of work. Using the right tool for the right job is not only ... read more