Spend Time Cleaning Overhead Spaces to Help Maintain Commercial Floor Surfaces

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How often does your maintenance personnel spend worrying about overhead spaces in your commercial facility? For example, we might be talking about a drop ceiling, ceiling fans, ductwork, especially the kind that can accumulate a considerable amount of dust on top, and more surfaces. Clean the surfaces at least once a month. Depending on the size of the commercial facility, you may need to rely on lifts, tall ladders, or other materials to help your personnel reach these hard to reach areas. Dusting machines, long poles, and other items can...

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Effective Commercial Floor Cleaning Should Always Include Other Spaces

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Keeping a commercial facility clean can take a lot of time, focus, and energy. It’s also going to require many man-hours. While you certainly can focus the vast majority of your resources, time, and energy just on the floors, it’s also important to pay attention to other parts, or spaces, of the facility. Far too often, when you’re so focused on keeping the commercial floor surface of your facility clean, you may overlook the overhead ducts, moldings, drop ceiling, and much more. If you don’t keep all of these surfaces clean, it will...

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Summer Is Often a Great Time for Thorough Cleaning Projects at a Commercial Facility

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Summer is just around the corner and if you’re responsible for a commercial facility, you may be looking ahead to do certain projects. One project that is great to do during the summer, especially if more office employees, tenants, or other clients are focused on vacation time, is to take on serious cleaning projects. One of those cleaning projects is to go over the commercial floor surfaces closely and carefully. Your maintenance department might do a great job throughout the year keeping the commercial floors looking their best, but if...

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Heavy Duty Floor Scrubbers: Are They Overkill for Small Businesses?

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You have a small business. Maybe you own a deli or some other food or retail outlet. You may have a fair number of people coming and going throughout the day, and dirt is constantly being tracked in. As such, you may constantly seem like you’re chasing your proverbial tail just to keep things clean. Some small business owners suddenly get the idea that they should look into commercial grad floor scrubbers. After all, the mop and bucket routine wears thin before long and it’s not doing anything to offer benefits. The mop and bucket just...

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A Few Tips That Can Help Your Maintenance Department Get Ceramic Tile to Shine

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Relying on ceramic tile for a commercial floor surface can be a great asset because of the shine. However, they can also pose a number of challenges, including safety, especially when they get wet. Over time, if they are not cleaned properly, they can also have residue buildup that reduces the shine. Here are a few tips that can help your commercial maintenance department restore the shine to those ceramic tiles. Always use gloves and eye protection. This should go without saying, but whenever working with cleaning solutions or other...

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Proper Marble Floor Care Tips for Your Commercial Facility

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If you want the marble looking like new for as long as possible, maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. Remember, marble is susceptible to scratches from dirt and debris. This is one of the main reasons why it’s so important to focus on regular cleaning schedules. Because small amounts of dirt and other debris will get tracked in every single day, it’s exposing the marble surface to damage over time. One minor scratch may not be noticeable, but over time hundreds and even thousands of scratches will make it almost impossible to restore...

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Key Benefits of Having a Grout Cleaning Machine

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If you have ceramic tile anywhere in the commercial facility for which you are responsible, it’s absolutely essential you have a grout cleaning machine. Over time dirt, dust, and grime will get tracked in on the surface. Even if you use the top commercial floor cleaning machines to keep those ceramic tile surfaces looking their best, they won’t be nearly as effective in keeping the dirt out from the grout surface. Most grout is white. No matter what color the ceramic tile is, more often than not the grout is white. After a while that white...

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What Are the Benefits of a Floor Buffing Machine?

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There are plenty of benefits to relying on a quality floor buffing machine. First, this is an industrial cleaning machine that can often be considered similar to a burnisher, except that it operates at a much slower speed. A higher gloss finish. Relying on a modern floor buffer should usually give you a much better shine on the floor surfaces. Because the buffer works at a slower speed, that means it spends more time working on the floor surface itself. It’s ideal for more sensitive floor finishes. If you have a floor surface that can be...

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Scheduling Tips for Commercial Floor Cleaning

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You are responsible for figuring out how to make sure the commercial floors in these facilities you manage are in peak condition. You may be the maintenance supervisor or he or she is working for you. You’re trying to figure out scheduling for your maintenance department. How can you make this work out best to capitalize not just on the personal you have, but also minimize the impact keeping these commercial floors looking their best will have on your tenants, customers, or others who use the facility regularly. 24/7 or not? Is the facility...

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What Makes Centaur Floor Machines Better Than All the Rest?

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When you’re looking for new commercial floor cleaning machines for your facility, you might come across Centaur Floor Machines. You don’t know much about them, but see that they are priced quite a bit more than some cheaper models. You might be tempted by those cheaper versions. You have a tight budget. You can’t go spending a fortune on commercial floor cleaning machines. However, if you don’t make the right investment now, you will simply have to repair or replace those machines before long, possibly before next year is even up. What...

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