How Much Value Do You Place on Clean Floors in Your Commercial Facility?

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There are so many things that go into maintaining a commercial facility. You have limited budgets, personnel issues, and other constraints. When the budgets get even tighter during tough economic times or other issues arising, some aspects of the commercial facility can somehow seem less important. Far too often that becomes the floor surfaces themselves. If you don’t place high value on commercial floor cleaning, it can affect every other aspect of the facility. This isn’t a sales pitch. It’s basically talking about what people focus on...

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Setting Your Maintenance Department Up for Winter Cleaning

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We talk about winter conditions a lot when it comes to commercial facilities, and for good reason. With the snow, ice, and extremely cold temperatures that are now descending upon us, it can take many manhours to just keep up with regular cleaning to ensure safety and protect the integrity of the facility, including those commercial floors. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to set up your maintenance department. If you have just one maintenance personnel, things are going to become extremely challenging during these winter months...

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Wet/Dry Vacs Are an Asset to Commercial Property Maintenance

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Maintaining a commercial facility can be a difficult challenge, especially during winter. There may be a number of issues that arise, including heating problems, having to clear snow and possibly ice from sidewalks and entryways, and making sure all fire codes are met at all times. One thing that can easily be overlooked, aside from the immediate entryways, are those commercial floors. When people are tracking in snow and slush, it can be a full-time job just keeping up with that. You may have one personnel dedicated to mopping and keeping...

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Finding Ways to Be More Time Efficient with Numerous Tenants

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You have plenty of tenants in your commercial facility. It’s great to have few vacancies, even though you might have one or two. With all of these tenants, though, if you are responsible for the commercial floor surfaces in the entire facility, including the offices and other areas that are being used, that can make it challenging. Scheduling could be difficult. Some of your tenants may be regular office facilities. They might maintain basic hours, like 9-to-5. Others may be service oriented industries, manufacturers, or possibly even...

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Reflecting the Shine: How the Finish of Commercial Floors Can Pose Some Safety Risks

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The main goal for a commercial maintenance department when it comes to the floor surfaces is to make sure they shine. After all, that’s what they were directed to do by their boss, owner of the company, or manager of the overall facility. If you don’t have a great shine, the floor surface will not look its best. However, in some situations an intense shine could be a safety issue. Consider sunlight and how it reflects off the surface. Some surfaces could be extremely light in color, such as a white linoleum tile peppered with a few flakes...

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What Time of Day (or Night) Is Best for Commercial Floor Cleaning?

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It’s not always easy to figure out when to do some commercial floor cleaning, especially if the facility you are responsible for is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For malls, schools, and other facilities, the answer to when is most suited for commercial floor cleaning is easy, but for hospitals and other types of facilities, that answer is not so cut and dried. Obviously, nighttime is going to have less traffic. In most cases hospitals will be far quieter after 10 o’clock in the evening and before 6 o’clock in the morning than at...

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Cut Floor Stripping Times in Half with the Rabbit-3

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Stripping, polishing, and waxing commercial floor surfaces can take a significant amount of time. It could take many hours just to strip down these commercial floor surfaces. The larger the facility, the longer it’s going to take. In some cases, stripping large shopping malls, hospital areas, schools, and so on could take a matter of days and possibly even weeks. It may be necessary to work on one small section at a time, closing it off to foot traffic or waiting until after normal business hours and working throughout the night just to get...

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How Much Could ‘Environmentally Safe’ Cleaning Chemicals Cost?

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In today’s society so many people are focused on environmentally safe materials. When you have a commercial facility to maintain, keep clean, and keep safe for tenants, employees, the general public, or others, you want to make sure it is sterile. This could be especially important for hospitals, schools, and other major facilities. However, not all of these ‘environmentally safe’ chemicals are effective. In other words, they might not do the job properly. They may clean surfaces, but they might not offer a sterile environment. Trying to...

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Are Masks Necessary When Your Maintenance Department Is Doing ‘Regular’ Cleaning?

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What does it mean to do ‘regular’ cleaning? That could be sweeping, vacuuming, and possibly even mopping floors and carpeting. For most of these situations, a breather mask is not going to be necessary. Neither will a dust mask. Some people prefer to where dust masks when cleaning. That is certainly fine and if any of your maintenance personnel have requested dust masks, even though it may not seem reasonable or practical, it is absolutely essential that you provide them this simple health feature. Now, what about for other types of...

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Don’t Try This With Any Other Floor Machine!

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One of the nice things about owning a Stonechat is working with it. The components are all Centaur and hand built. It can carry 500lbs of extra weight when the floor is slippery. But even though the Stonechat is not mass-produced, it is a Centaur at heart. We wouldn’t sell it to you if it...

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