Proper Lighting Makes a Difference for Commercial Floor Cleaning

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The sun is setting earlier and earlier right now. As we head toward December 21st, the shortest day of the year, as far as daylight hours is concerned, the darker it’s going to get earlier in the evening and the sun is going to rise up later in the morning. For those responsible for commercial floor cleaning, this change in lighting might not make a difference, but it could. Many commercial facilities are cleaned after normal business hours. The maintenance department may have one or two individuals working in the evening or during the...

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Many Moving Parts Means a Greater Risk of Injury When Not Used Properly

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Is your maintenance department and personnel properly trained to use all of the equipment they have access to? If not, or you are not sure, now is the time to be sure. With high turnover, it’s easy to end up with personnel who don’t have an ideal level of experience or training. Sometimes, an individual could be hired who had worked for another commercial facility doing a very similar type of job, but that doesn’t mean he or she receives proper training there. When people don’t have the right skills, the risk of injuries...

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Using Weights, You Could Reduce Stripping Times

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Most commercial floor strippers come with weights. These weights are applied based on the type of floor surface, how much wax may have built up over time, and other conditions. Adding more weight could certainly help it seem as though the stripping is going faster, but it comes with a catch. It could cause damage to the floor surface. The older a machine is, the lower quality it is, the riskier this move will be. Remember, when you add weight or push down on something that is intended to strip or sand surfaces down, it’s going to do this...

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Twist Lock Plugs Can Prevent Damage (and Injuries)

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Twist lock plugs are an important consideration when looking for any type of major commercial machine. Whether it’s a commercial floor cleaning machine or something else, it’s easy to overlook this simple safety feature. Most machines have a basic plug. It will plug directly into the wall. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. After all, how potentially dangerous could this be? Well, imagine this scenario: your maintenance personnel are working on cleaning the floors. They plug it into the outlet and begin working. They start going around the...

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Improving Skillsets for Maintenance Personnel

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How often do the maintenance personnel at your commercial facility go in for training? That will likely depend on a number of factors. Some maintenance personnel have been doing this work for decades. It seems as though they know every in and out of the system, processes, tools, and so much more that they could be providing training to other seasoned professionals. However, technology has changed. There are many new innovations in maintenance tools and equipment, including floor cleaning machines. Some of these new innovations make it easier...

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What Happened When I Used My Home Vacuum at the Office

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My company started out small, but as we became successful, we had to find a larger space. Recently, we moved into a space that can handle 50 employees with cubicles, private offices, a conference area, a breakroom, and much more. It felt great to have this kind of growth, but I hadn’t been anticipating some of the other responsibilities that came with it. The most significant responsibility I hadn’t anticipated was keeping the floors clean. When I started looking around for an office space for lease, I didn’t think twice about being...

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How Often Should Commercial Carpeting Be Vacuumed?

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There are certain questions people have about just how often various surfaces need to be cleaned. For example, when it comes to commercial carpeting in an office space, does it have to be vacuumed every day? That all depends on the company using the facility. Of course, if there is a stipulation in the lease contract that the company maintaining the property is going to vacuum every single evening after normal business hours, and they are not doing it, that will have to be taken up with them directly. As for how often is reasonable, that also...

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How to Ensure Safety When Cleaning Floor Surfaces During Normal Business Hours

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Not every commercial facility has the luxury of closing its doors to clients, customers, or even business professionals at, for example, 5 o’clock in the afternoon. For those commercial facilities that have people coming and going at all hours of the day and night, such as a hospital, keeping the floor surfaces clean can be an overwhelming challenge. Safety is always a top concern. One of the major issues that a lot of these commercial facilities face is how can they keep these floor surfaces looking their best, protecting them for the long...

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The Optimal Combination of Cleaning Solutions and Skill

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Keeping commercial floor surfaces clean doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. It requires a bit of know-how, experience, and the right equipment, and it also relies on the right cleaning solutions. Some maintenance personnel rely on solutions as their primary focus. In other words, they look to the strongest cleaning solutions they can find, or the most effective strippers, waxes, and so on, but if they don’t have proper skills, if they don’t have the right equipment, no amount of chemical is going to really make a difference in...

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Why Versatile Floor Cleaning Machines Will Save Time

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Floor cleaning machines are an invaluable asset to any commercial facility. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small office building, a warehouse, a hospital, school, or anything else; with the right floor cleaning machines, they cannot only save time, they can also help protect the floor surfaces, ultimately saving money over time. Versatile machines are even better. For example, a floor cleaning machine that is specifically designed to strip wax from the floors can be a great asset, but that means the maintenance personnel are going to...

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