It’s Time to Pass on the Torch…

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I have a lot to thank Canada for. Canada gave me a new life. A future I couldn’t have imagined… When I first arrived in Canada – from “Stalin Controlled” Hungary – 63 years ago (barely an adult), I had no idea I’d go on to build a business manufacturing “The Best, Toughest Floor Machines on the Market”. To understand how Centaur Floor Machines came into existence, I’d like you to travel back in time with me… During the Hungarian revolution in 1956, around 200,000 Hungarians ended up fleeing Hungary – escaping...

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Three Tips That Will Help Commercial Floor Scrubbing Machines Last Longer (and How Management Can Help Make This Happen)

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You’ve just invested in the Rabbit-3 floor cleaning machine by Centaur Floor Machines. It’s a great investment. Not only is it lightweight and portable, it’s versatile and compact enough to get into tight spaces. Whatever piece of equipment you have invested in, you want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible. There could be a number of reasons why a commercial floor cleaning machine doesn’t last more than a few years. It might be due to neglect, poor quality, or other problems. Here are three simple tips that could help...

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Night Is Often the Best Time to Scrub Commercial Floors, but What If the Facility Is Open 24 Hours?

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In a perfect world, you’d be able to close down your facility at the end of the day and allow your maintenance department to take care of those commercial floor surfaces. But, many companies today don’t live in a perfect world. 24 hour a day operations are becoming far more commonplace, and it can create some challenges for those responsible for the commercial floor surfaces. When those commercial floors need to be cleaned, but the facility is operational throughout the day and night, what can be done? How can those commercial floors be...

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What Is the BEST Tool for Commercial Floor Cleaning and Maintenance? Is It a Matter of Preference … or Are Some Simply Better Than Others?

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When it comes to commercial floor cleaning, there are going to be numerous opinions about what technique, which cleaning solutions, and what equipment is most effective. Some will say that a cheaper commercial floor cleaning machine is not a bad choice. After all, it may help the department stay within their budget constraints each year. However, cheaper equipment will break down much more quickly. Is this going to be a major problem when the annual budget is concerned? Probably not, but what it will impact is the long-term cost of operating...

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Could Your Maintenance Crew Be Making COSTLY Mistakes When Stripping, Polishing and/or Waxing Those Commercial Floors?

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How could you possibly make a mistake when stripping, polishing, and/or waxing commercial floors? It seems like a no-brainer, especially with powerful equipment. However, when it comes time to taking care of these commercial floor surfaces properly, there could be a number of mistakes being made. Some of these mistakes could be in the process itself. A maintenance department personnel who is not properly trained to use a particular piece of equipment might not be using it according to manufacturer specifications. That could cause some damage...

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If Your Commercial Facility Has Eliminated the Use of String Mops, You Could Be Placing More Strain on the Crew Unnecessarily

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Most people are aware of the problems that string mops can pose, especially in certain commercial environments. A string mop is one of the most effective and simple tools that a maintenance department can have access to for quick clean-up of spills and cleaning areas that are not significant in surface and space. However, the main problem with string mops is that after the first scrubbing of the floor, the water has been contaminated. This means every time the mop is dropped back into the bucket, and then brought back onto the floor surface,...

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Surprise! Commercial Health Inspections Can Be Quite a Hassle, but Thanks to a Diligent Maintenance Department with the Right Equipment, These Shouldn’t Faze You Anymore

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Health inspections can, in some cases, be the bane of commercial property managers. They understand the necessity for these inspections, but that doesn’t do much to assuage concerns about violations, perceptions, and appearances. Keeping commercial facilities clean at all times is one of the main goals of some of these inspections. What can be done to help ensure these inspections go well? Having a maintenance department that is fine tuned and pays attention in close detail to the cleanliness of every aspect of the facility is the start....

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It May Not Seem Like It from a Distance, but Commercial Carpeting Can Be Some of the Unhealthiest, Filthiest Places in Any Facility

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When you step into an office that has short pile carpeting from wall-to-wall, it might generally be something of a darker color. It may be some shade of blue, gray, or even beige. These darker colors are intended to hide some of the dirt and other materials that collect over time. Keeping carpets clean, especially in a commercial environment, is not an easy task. The larger the workforce, the more foot traffic, the more items getting dropped onto the carpeting, and more can all have a significant impact on its cleanliness and longevity....

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Keeping Bathroom Spaces Clean Doesn’t Need to Take Hours, Even for a High Traffic Commercial Facility

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The larger the commercial facility, the more bathrooms there will likely be. More bathrooms usually equates to more man-hours to keep them clean. Larger commercial facilities will even have staff dedicated to almost exclusively maintaining the bathroom facilities. For example, a mall or hospital might have one or multiple maintenance personnel moving from one restroom area to the next, constantly cleaning up the counters, mopping up spills and stains, wiping down the countertops and the sinks, and making sure toilet paper, paper towels, and...

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Clients Are the Lifeblood of Any Commercial Company, and There Are Ways to Encourage Maintenance Staff to Pay More Attention to Their Needs When Cleaning the Floors

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We don’t always have the opportunity to clean the commercial floors in a particular facility when it might be most convenient to tenants, clients, or customers. However, there are things that can be done to help the maintenance department be more acutely aware of the specific needs and preferences of the clients who utilize the facility. Consider designated times for cleaning. If the facility operates, generally between 9 to 5, for example, it becomes extremely easy to schedule the cleaning of the commercial floors and other areas. However,...

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