Surprise! Commercial Health Inspections Can Be Quite a Hassle, but Thanks to a Diligent Maintenance Department with the Right Equipment, These Shouldn’t Faze You Anymore

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Health inspections can, in some cases, be the bane of commercial property managers. They understand the necessity for these inspections, but that doesn’t do much to assuage concerns about violations, perceptions, and appearances. Keeping commercial facilities clean at all times is one of the main goals of some of these inspections. What can be done to help ensure these inspections go well? Having a maintenance department that is fine tuned and pays attention in close detail to the cleanliness of every aspect of the facility is the start....

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It May Not Seem Like It from a Distance, but Commercial Carpeting Can Be Some of the Unhealthiest, Filthiest Places in Any Facility

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When you step into an office that has short pile carpeting from wall-to-wall, it might generally be something of a darker color. It may be some shade of blue, gray, or even beige. These darker colors are intended to hide some of the dirt and other materials that collect over time. Keeping carpets clean, especially in a commercial environment, is not an easy task. The larger the workforce, the more foot traffic, the more items getting dropped onto the carpeting, and more can all have a significant impact on its cleanliness and longevity....

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Keeping Bathroom Spaces Clean Doesn’t Need to Take Hours, Even for a High Traffic Commercial Facility

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The larger the commercial facility, the more bathrooms there will likely be. More bathrooms usually equates to more man-hours to keep them clean. Larger commercial facilities will even have staff dedicated to almost exclusively maintaining the bathroom facilities. For example, a mall or hospital might have one or multiple maintenance personnel moving from one restroom area to the next, constantly cleaning up the counters, mopping up spills and stains, wiping down the countertops and the sinks, and making sure toilet paper, paper towels, and...

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Clients Are the Lifeblood of Any Commercial Company, and There Are Ways to Encourage Maintenance Staff to Pay More Attention to Their Needs When Cleaning the Floors

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We don’t always have the opportunity to clean the commercial floors in a particular facility when it might be most convenient to tenants, clients, or customers. However, there are things that can be done to help the maintenance department be more acutely aware of the specific needs and preferences of the clients who utilize the facility. Consider designated times for cleaning. If the facility operates, generally between 9 to 5, for example, it becomes extremely easy to schedule the cleaning of the commercial floors and other areas. However,...

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Believe It or Not, How Personnel Cares for Equipment WILL Affect Its Lifespan

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Looking back over the budget for the past couple of decades may need a relatively new commercial manager or supervisor to question why the equipment the facility uses has had to be repaired or replaced so frequently. When you’re talking about commercial floor maintenance, buffers, polishers, waxes, and scrubbers can all wear out quickly, but every couple of years? They should last a lot longer than that. One of the most important factors in determining longevity for any type of commercial floor cleaning machine is the quality of the...

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The Cold, Hard Truth: When to Know If a Commercial Floor Needs to Be Replaced, or Can Be Cleaned Effectively

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Replacing a commercial floor can be a significant expense. This is one reason why so many commercial property managers or supervisors put off this monumental task for as long as possible. It may become clear that linoleum tiles are beginning to crack, separate, and have to be replaced constantly. It could even demand hundreds upon hundreds of extra hours every year on the part of the maintenance personnel just to keep up with cleanliness and those spot repairs. At some point in time, a decision needs to be made. Every floor surface is going to...

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With the Sun Higher in the Sky, the Shine of That Commercial Floor Surface Could Become a Bit of a Liability (and There Is Something You Can Do About It)

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As a commercial facility supervisor, you have invested quite a bit of time, money, and energy into making sure everything looks great. The commercial floor surfaces shine. Your maintenance personnel are doing a great job. Now, though, as we head out of winter and into spring, you’re noticing an issue. Maybe you don’t have complaints yet, but they might be coming soon. Those complaints might involve visibility issues inside the building. That’s right, if the sun is shining through and the floors are polished extremely well, that can cause...

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Shh! The Noise from a Floor Cleaning Machine Could Be Detrimental to Daily Operations at a Commercial Facility

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When Roger was hired to be responsible for commercial floor maintenance at an office complex, he had plenty of experience in the past, but not in a specific office environment. He wasn’t prepared for the kind of comments, frustrations, and mistakes he was about to make and face. One of the key complaints involved noise. There were dozens upon dozens of small businesses in this facility. Most of them did not have customers coming onto the premises directly, but there were some that did. Many of these businesses had clients, partners, and...

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Sure, Using Those Crevice Attachments on the Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines Can Be Tedious, but Do They Actually Matter?

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Crevice attachments. These are those small little devices that can be attached to the hoses on various vacuum cleaners and other floor cleaning machines. When commercial facilities have the right equipment, they will likely have the option of various attachments, which can include crevice attachments. While these are not often used, even in a residential setting, they are effective. But, how can they be that effective for a commercial facility? After all, there aren’t going to be many areas throughout the facility that requires this, will...

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The Incredible Truth About Using the RIGHT Chemicals (ie. Cleaning Solutions) for Very Specific Jobs

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Keeping commercial floor surfaces clean and safe for clients and others can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Using the right cleaning solutions, also commonly referred to as chemicals, can be frustrating, especially when you have certain forces from within and without the company placing pressure on you to use ‘environmentally safe’ and sound solutions. The ‘right’ cleaning solutions for any commercial facility are the ones that are going to first make sure everyone is safe when using the facility, but also be effective at not just...

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