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What To Know When Choosing a Commercial Wet and Dry Vacuum

Like a floor buffer machine, one of the most important pieces of equipment in a professional cleaner's arsenal is their commercial wet and dry vacuum. It helps keep your workplace clean, makes it easier to deal with spills, and can even make your work go exponentially faster if you're ... read more

How To Choose The Right Tile Floor Cleaning Machine in 3 Steps

A common question Centaur gets asked often is: “How do I use a floor machine to clean tile and grout?” Although cleaning tile and grout with a machine is one of the best ways to get deep down dirt, debris, and mildew out of your floor and grout, there are some important things a ... read more

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners – Overrated or Worth the Money?

HEPA vacuums are a great way to ensure that the air you breathe stays clean and free of allergens when you vacuum your floors. However, it's worth knowing whether or not all types of HEPA filters are the same and what you need to consider before choosing a HEPA vacuum for your situation. What ... read more

How to Clean Grout with a Tile & Grout Cleaning Machine

Although specialized tile and grout cleaning machines have been around for several years, we get a lot of questions from professional cleaners about how to use a floor machine to clean tile and grout. In this article and the video above, we discuss what you need to consider when tackling the job ... read more

Looking into a Concrete Floor Grinder?

What is a Concrete Floor Grinder? A concrete floor grinder is a floor machine that is used to grind, polish, and hone concrete. It’s typically a machine that has a horizontally rotating head or multiple rotating heads which rotate a set of diamond grinding discs to level, smooth, or clean ... read more

Baseboard Cleaning 101: How to Use The Scrub Jay

What is The Scrub Jay? The Scrub Jay is Centaur's baseboard cleaning innovation that lets you clean, scrub and strip baseboards in 90% to 96% less time. How Is the Scrub Jay Designed to Work? The Scrub Jay works in FIVE different ways as follows: Using blue pads on the Scrub Jay, you can ... read more

Looking into a Floor Scrubber Machine For Your Business?

Then below is the TOP 5 CRITERIA you need to select a good one: What is a Floor Scrubber Machine or Auto Scrubber? The word “floor scrubber” is used to describe what we call an automatic floor scrubber or an auto scrubber. The word “auto scrubber” is the more common term used today and ... read more

With an Integrated SplashGuard You…

REDUCE TIME and WORK spent on each job AND... INCREASE your profit margins, as well. Here's why: What is the SplashGuard? The SplashGuard is a device that you find on every Centaur machine like the Rabbit-1, the Rabbit-3, and the Stonechat.  The SplashGuard, like its name suggests, is used to ... read more