Do You Know What Could Be Lurking in Your Commercial Carpeting?

Magnifying GlassKeeping up with the commercial floor maintenance for any facility can be challenging. When there are office spaces involved, some may rely on linoleum tile surfaces, but more and more of them enjoy the benefits of carpeting.

Carpeting does offer plenty of great benefits for office spaces.

Notwithstanding the static that can be generated when people walk across carpet surfaces, they are easier on the body. When somebody is in dress shoes or heels and are constantly on their feet, the softer the floor surface is, the more relief it can provide for their lower back.

It is also better on the eyes.

If somebody were working in a commercial facility that had linoleum tile, and it is polished and waxed properly and consistently, it’s going to be a highly reflective surface. Any lights, from florescent lighting to outdoor sunlight creeping in, will be reflected back up. If somebody’s working at a desk all day, they might not notice it directly, but it can take a toll on their eyes.

Even for all the benefits, there are some challenges.

Carpeting can hold a lot of material that isn’t easily seen. Just a few of those things that stand out is obviously dirt, dust, and sand. Food and drink materials can get caught in carpeting and never be noticed. A person could be eating at their desk, dropped a few French fries and maybe even knock over a soda, pick up the food and maybe blot up a little bit of the drink, but it will seep in.

Over time, that is going to cause a foul odor if it is not taken care of properly. Mold and mildew as well as other germs can also be trapped in the carpet fibers. Dead skin cells comprise more than 80 percent of the dust in homes and offices and they will collect on the carpeting as they do on other surfaces.

Having a high quality commercial vacuum is central to maintaining commercial carpeting in a safe and healthy manner.

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