Setting Your Maintenance Department Up for Winter Cleaning

Mat Services: Worth the Investment or Overkill?We talk about winter conditions a lot when it comes to commercial facilities, and for good reason. With the snow, ice, and extremely cold temperatures that are now descending upon us, it can take many manhours to just keep up with regular cleaning to ensure safety and protect the integrity of the facility, including those commercial floors.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to set up your maintenance department.

If you have just one maintenance personnel, things are going to become extremely challenging during these winter months ahead. In the Greater Toronto Area, winter can reasonably begin sometime in October and end in April, possibly extending into May at times. If you have one person responsible for basic electrical, plumbing, and other repairs, but also cleaning, he or she will be constantly rushing around to try and get everything done.

It may be practical to take on a temporary employee.

This individual might be responsible for helping to clear snow from the sidewalks, entryways, and parking areas. They also might be needed to keep those scraper and walk off mats clear as people walk in and out, especially when the snow is falling. They might need to mop up or possibly even vacuum using a wet/dry vac those areas just inside the facility entryways when snow, slush, salt, sand, and other debris gets tracked in from outside.

If you have multiple personnel in your maintenance department, designate one or two individuals to focus on these tasks primarily. This will free up the other men and/or to focus on repairs, making sure the heating system is operating properly, and addressing any tenant or other issues as they arise.

How does your commercial facility set up for winter when it comes to maintenance?

Since every commercial facility is different, some may have excellent plans while others could use some refining and sharing those ideas can be a great asset to others who have struggled in the past.

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