What’s the ONE THING You’d Want to See That Might Improve the Appearance and Condition of Your Commercial Floor Surfaces?

rabbit-3_00037If there was anything that might improve the appearance and condition of commercial floor surfaces, and price was really no object, what would it be? This is a question many commercial maintenance supervisors should be asking themselves. Not because it’s calling for them to increase their maintenance budget or purchase a brand new commercial floor surface that might not be necessary at this point in time, but rather to highlight what happens to be most important for many of these supervisors.

Many would say they would want more diligent, experienced personnel.

A maintenance department supervisor or worker may not have a great deal of experience using a floor stripper, polisher, buffer, or waxer. They may learn these skills from their supervisor or ‘as they go.’

It’s a good idea to rely on individuals or companies that have a significant amount of experience keeping commercial floors looking their best. There might be seminars, conferences, or even video tutorials that can help people maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of this type of job.

Also, having the right equipment makes a world of difference.

A person who is attempting to use an efficient, old, outdated, heavy, or ineffective piece of equipment is going to be already behind the proverbial eight ball in trying to keep those commercial floor surfaces looking their best and being as safe as possible for any tenants, clients, or customers who may be entering the premises.

For those who look to their maintenance personnel as a major concern, they should also look to the equipment they’ve provided to that department. Is it the best, most effective and efficient equipment out there? Or, is there something better they could be using that would help them produce the results you or that other supervisor would like to see?

Centaur Floor Machines offer some of the best commercial floor cleaning machines out there and can help many managers achieve the results they would love to see for the safety, cleanliness, and appearance of their commercial facilities.

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