Wanting a Better Looking Commercial Facility Is Great, but Is That Enough?

fits-any-machineOwning or managing a commercial facility is a great responsibility. When this facility is like a hospital, school, or office center, it’s important to not only make sure it is safe for everyone who will be entering the premises, but also looking its best. Having the desire for a commercial facility to look its best is one thing, but how can that be achieved?

Perhaps one of the most important things is to look at the equipment and personnel.

No matter the age of any facility, there may need to be changes to ensure that it looks its best moving forward. Some of those changes may be to replace the floor itself. An old commercial floor that has seen better days may not respond well to stripping, polishing, waxing, and possibly even just replacing a few worn-out tiles. It may need to be completely replaced.

Maintenance personnel that don’t have the experience or desire to do their job properly might have to be reevaluated. It may be necessary to replace some individuals with more experienced, dedicated people.

Also, the equipment may need to be replaced.

Old equipment is going to make the job much harder for those maintenance personnel. For example, an old floor cleaning machine that has seen better days years ago might actually cause damage to the floor surface when attempting to strip, polish, wax, or buff it out. It might force the maintenance personnel to slow down so they don’t cause damage.

As a property manager, it’s easy to want things looking better, but that’s not enough. It’s not enough to cut the maintenance budget or purchase the cheapest commercial floor cleaning machines on the market and expect things to improve. Sometimes, an investment is needed in the right equipment, and possibly personnel.

What do you think is required to help make a commercial facility look its best and be as safe as possible?

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