What Is the BEST Tool for Commercial Floor Cleaning and Maintenance? Is It a Matter of Preference … or Are Some Simply Better Than Others?

rabbit-3_00038When it comes to commercial floor cleaning, there are going to be numerous opinions about what technique, which cleaning solutions, and what equipment is most effective. Some will say that a cheaper commercial floor cleaning machine is not a bad choice. After all, it may help the department stay within their budget constraints each year.

However, cheaper equipment will break down much more quickly.

Is this going to be a major problem when the annual budget is concerned? Probably not, but what it will impact is the long-term cost of operating and maintaining that piece of equipment.

Let us explain. If you purchase a cheap commercial floor cleaning machine, like a buffer, stripper, or stripper, and spend $900 on it and it lasts about seven months before damage is noticed and it needs some repairs, you may spend another $600 in the next two years just keeping it operating. On top of that, if it is truly a cheap piece of equipment, the commercial floors may become damaged as a result. This could require replacing the commercial floor itself years before that should’ve had to have happened.

However, if you invest more in a higher quality commercial floor cleaning machine and it does the job properly, reduces the amount of time people are required to spend on actually cleaning the floor surfaces, and it doesn’t require any repairs in that same three year period of time, which one was a better investment?

On top of that, a higher quality machine, like those produced by Centaur Floor Machines, are going to help protect the floor surfaces better and longer. That means a commercial floor properly cleaned and maintained with the right tools, solutions, and techniques, may very well last five, six, eight, or even 10 years longer than those floors that are subjected to improper techniques, harsh cleaning solutions, and cheap, ineffective equipment.

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