3 Characteristics of a Great Maintenance Department

dustin_changYou understand the value of good maintenance. Your commercial facilities, including your commercial floors, are a testament to that. In order to have good maintenance from top to bottom, you have to have a great maintenance department.

Even if your commercial facility isn’t all that big, you probably need at least more than one person taking care of all the maintenance related issues. They could be chasing around spills, stains, damaged pipes, electrical issues, security problems, and more every single day.

Here are three characteristics that comprise a great maintenance department, which should indicate whether or not you’ve taken the right steps and have the best one working for you at this time.

Characteristic #1: They are responsive.

When there’s a problem, your maintenance department gets right on the case. That may not always be practical, especially if there are other major projects going on, but when it comes to safety and security, any issue that poses a risk to people in the facility, they get right on it and fix the problem.

Characteristic #2: No one notices them.

It’s almost impossible for people to not notice maintenance personnel working in a major commercial facility, especially an office environment. However, the maintenance department that is barely noticed is doing a good job, as long as they are keeping up with floor maintenance and repairing other issues in a timely manner.

If no one notices them, it’s usually by design.

Characteristic #3: Knowledge.

A quality maintenance department will continually strive to make sure everyone working in that department has the latest information and knowledge for repair strategies, cleaning strategies, and more.

When a maintenance department and all of its personnel have strong knowledge and experience, it helps the entire department run more efficiently. That has a direct and positive impact on the entire company as a whole.

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