3 Commonly Overlooked Signs that Your Commercial Floor Needs Some Extra Care


3 Commonly Overlooked Signs that Your Commercial Floor Needs Some Extra CarePaying attention to the minor details can make a world of difference, especially when you are responsible for chemicals. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell when issues begin to arise with a commercial floor.

Below are three of the most commonly overlooked signs that could be indicating it’s time to either have the commercial floor stripped, buffed, waxed, sealed or completely replaced.

1. Fading in high traffic areas.

If you notice some fading along high-traffic areas, such as where the majority of people happen to walk back and forth, it may begin to show up as a discoloration in the tile itself. This is especially true for linoleum tile. On ceramic tile, pay attention to the grout between the tile as that can indicate where the most use is occurring for the floor surface.

2. Cracking on the linoleum tile.

Linoleum tile is often thought of as a very durable commercial floor surface, but it can crack when dry, old, and getting worn out. These cracks will usually begin to show up as hairline fractures along the seam where one tile meets another. As these get more pronounced, more and more dirt will filter into the crack making them look like darker and thicker lines.

3. Grout is falling apart.

For ceramic tile floors, the grout between those tiles can begin to wear out and crack, especially if there are air pockets underneath it. If the grout begins to crack and break apart, it exposes the tile to more abuse that can ultimately result in broken tiles that need to be replaced.

Paying close attention to some subtle signs of damage will help you focus on proper commercial floor maintenance. Having the right floor cleaning equipment will help maximize the longevity of any commercial floor surface, and so will being on alert for those small, commonly overlooked signs of wear and tear.

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