3 Reasons Your Commercial Floors Deserve Scrubbers

scrub_jayLet’s talk about three reasons why your commercial facility, and the floors, can actually benefit from commercial floor scrubbers.

Reason #1: Mop and bucket only spreads dirt around.

Your maintenance personnel may have been using mops and buckets for the most part and even though it seems to be cleaning the floor decent enough, it’s not actually doing that at all.

What it’s doing is spreading the dirt around. A mop is only going to be effective for those first couple of uses. The moment the mop head becomes brown as opposed to white, and the water in the bucket is dirty, all you’re doing then is spreading the dirt around. It looks great when it’s wet and even if you buff, polish, and wax the floors once a week, it’s still dirty.

Reason #2: Your maintenance personnel will cover more surface area.

With a reliable and powerful machine, your maintenance personnel can cover a lot more surface area. That means if you have a large commercial surface, your maintenance department can actually get more done during the week if they had a quality scrubber at their disposal.

That could be great for completing other projects needed.

Reason #3: It will offer a deeper shine.

When you choose a commercial floor scrubber as part of the cleaning routine, coupled with the right types of solutions, wax, buffers, polishers, and experience for your maintenance personnel, you will notice a deeper shine coming right along with your commercial floors.

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