3 Reasons Ignoring Damaged Floor Tiles is a Bad Idea


3 Reasons Ignoring Damaged Floor Tiles is a Bad IdeaOn your commercial floor space there may be some broken stone tile cleaner or even linoleum tiles that are beginning to fold up on the corners. You don’t want to be bothered at the time, and considering they’re out-of-the-way and not in high-traffic areas, it might make sense to simply ignore the situation at the moment.

In truth, ignoring damaged floor tiles is a terrible idea. Below are three reasons why.

Reason #1: Damaged tiles can lead to even more damage tiles before long.

For example, if you have ceramic floor tiles in your facility, and if one of those tiles is cracked in the corner, that could lead to more dust and other debris getting into the crack, folding underneath the other surrounding tiles, and creating increased vibration with every step. That can cause surrounding tiles to begin cracking and the grout to fall apart.

Reason #2: Increased liability risk.

Any time you have damaged floors you have increased liability and risk factors of injuries. If somebody is on your property, steps on a broken tile or trips on a folded up linoleum tile edge, that’s going to be your fault, especially if you knew about it. There’s no reason to expose yourself to increased liability for that.

Reason #3: It’s more cost-effective to repair the tile now.

Removing and replacing one tile is far more cost-effective than having to replace an entire commercial floor space.

If these three reasons aren’t enough to inspire you to pay attention and replace damaged floor tiles now, then you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk for liability, injuries, and more damage.

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