3 Tips to Find the Ideal Maintenance Personnel

Janitor-fatHere are three tips that can help you find the ideal maintenance personnel, whether it’s going to be the supervisor of the entire maintenance department or just a new employee to add to the team.

Tip #1: Experience does matter.

Some people call a commercial maintenance personnel a ‘janitor.’ It doesn’t matter what you call this individual, experience will make a difference. The more experience somebody has with commercial floor maintenance, basic electrical repairs, plumbing issues, and other factors, the more quickly they will fit in and be able to ‘hit the ground running,’ so to speak.

Tip #2: Check references thoroughly.

Sadly, in this day and age you can’t trust references. If a person lists some competitors as previous employers or they look as though they have an advanced degree in general maintenance, it’s a good idea to check those references thoroughly.

There are many certification programs, online college courses and degrees that aren’t accredited. Some people just don’t know this when they take those courses while others assume potential employers aren’t going to check their viability or integrity.

Always check every reference, personal and professional.

Tip #3: Determine if they are trainable.

You’ll get this impression during the interview. Are they trainable? How will you know this? Ask specific questions about what they’ve done in the past. Give them certain scenarios. Offer your input. Watch their body language, their eyes, and their reactions. If you get the sense that they already know everything they need to know, most likely they’re not trainable.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to find maintenance personnel ideally suited for your department.

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