3 Ways Those Commercial Floors Affect Your Computer Keyboard, and Your Health

Home Cleaning Tips that Can Positively Impact Commercial SpacesMost people don’t think much about their health at work, but there are plenty of germs and bacteria just floating around waiting for a hand to land on that will eventually make its way to a mouth. For workers who have a tendency to sit at a computer screen all day, the cleanliness in the office, including the floors, can directly affect their health.

Here are three ways that happens to be true.

1. The foreign contaminants on the floor can get kicked up in the air.

Unless the floors are thoroughly cleaned every day, even the smallest amount of foreign contaminants, including germs and bacteria, can get kicked up into the air when people walk across the surface of the floor. This is true of linoleum tile, ceramic tile, polished concrete, rough concrete, and carpeting.

2. When that bacteria floats around, it can land on any surface.

When the germs and bacteria begin to float around, it will land on whatever surface happens to be in its way. That can include desks, chairs, door handles, and keyboards.

3. Typing on a keyboard means your fingers are now collecting all of those bacteria and germs.

Even though they may have been tracked in on the bottom of somebody shoes, once they dried and kicked up in the air, they can collect on a jacket, a bag, or any other material.

Eventually, the less clean carpeting or floors happen to be, the more bacteria and germs can get kicked up in the air, increasing the risk of people getting it on their fingers, transferring it to their mouth, and eventually getting sick. The best way to protect employees and others from getting sick is to maintain commercial floors on a consistent and daily basis.

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