4 Common Results of Relying on a Residential Vacuum for Commercial Floor Surfaces

Still Relying on a Residential Vacuum for Commercial Carpeted Office Space? How this Could be Harming EmployeesThere are plenty of potential problems that can arise from using a residential style vacuum cleaner on a commercial floor surface. First and foremost, it can actually cause a significant amount of damage to the vacuum cleaner itself, which will have a direct impact on its effectiveness.

Below are four common results that can occur when a business tries to cut corners and save money using a residential vacuum cleaner for its large, commercial floor surfaces, even if they are only short pile carpeting.

Common Result #1: Broken machines.

As noted, a vacuum cleaner can be easily damaged when it is not used properly. A few pennies, paperclips, staples, and other items that can get caught in the beater bar of the vacuum cleaner can cause damage to the internal mechanisms.

If that happens, it can affect suction, making the vacuum cleaner much less powerful and worthless when used in a commercial setting.

Common Result #2: Not picking up potentially harmful objects.

Paperclips, thumbtacks, and other items may not seem like a major concern, but if they are not getting picked up, that debris can accumulate over time. Eventually, it can actually be a potential hazard to those walking around, especially people in thin soled shoes.

Common Result #3: Dirt getting left behind.

Commercial carpeting can attract and hold a lot of dirt and debris throughout the day. A residential vacuum cleaner is simply not going to be strong enough to get it all up.

Most of these carpets are generally darker, so the dirt doesn’t show up as easily, but that doesn’t mean they’re clean just because the machine was run over it a couple of times.

Common Result #4: More sick time.

Because dirt, allergens, and other pollutants are not getting picked up properly, it lowers air quality and that can actually increase certain health issues. That can lead to more employees calling in sick in the months and years ahead.

For any commercial carpeting, it’s important to rely on the proper vacuum cleaner and other cleaning machines from the outset.

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