4 Common Tile and Grout Myths

spectralock_stain_resistant_groutBeing responsible for any commercial floor means you have to understand a lot of the details that commonly get overlooked. One of those details has to do with maintaining tile and grout. If the commercial floor, or any part of it, is made from ceramic tile or other tile that has grout between the tile, it can have a tendency to break up over time.

This is especially true if the tile wasn’t laid properly, there are spaces underneath, or rolling carts or other dollies are used to bring boxes or other items in and out of the facility.

When you avoid these four common tile and grout myths, it will help maintain those floors properly.

Common Myth #1: Acids are safe for grout and tile.

Many people believe acids are the better way to go when it comes to cleaning and maintaining tile and grout. This is not true. That’s because a lot of these cleaning solutions that are acidic are simply too strong. It’s a good idea to focus on more pH balanced cleaning solutions.

Common Myth #2: Mopping is good enough.

If you mop commercial tile floors properly, this might be okay for a while, but remember that you’ll be pushing dirt around and it can get in between the tile, especially if there’s any type of crack in the ground. Once dirt gets into these crevices, it’s extremely difficult to get it out and will begin breaking down the grout even more.

Common Myth #3: A wire brush is a good idea for cleaning stubborn stains.

Whether it’s a toothbrush or some other wire brush, some people honestly believe this is a good idea to clean tile or even the grout between the tiles. This is abrasive. It can cause damage to the entire commercial floor.

Common Myth #4: Sealing grout means no longer worrying about maintenance.

When grout is sealed it still needs general and regular maintenance. Just because it has been ‘sealed’ doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about it anymore. As long as you don’t buy into any of these common myths, you’ll be in good shape to maintain those commercial floors properly.

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