Industrial Shop Vac

4 Reasons an Industrial Shop Vac May Be Just What You Need

If you’ve been struggling to keep your business or shop clean with basic cleaning tools, it might be time for an upgrade to an industrial shop vac. Industrial vacuum cleaners come in a variety of designs, and sizes but they all have one thing in common: powerful suction that can handle any mess!

If you are looking for a reliable tool that can handle your clean-up needs, then the industrial shop vac is perfect because it cleans up almost everything! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, read on to find more information about what an industrial vacuum cleaner can do.

Industrial shop vacs are the best way to clean up your shop!

Shop vacs can be your best friend when it comes to keeping a clean and tidy shop. They are capable of lots of great functions, such as sucking up dirt or dust that is on the floor in addition to picking up small objects like nails from hardwood floors with no problem at all!

Shop vacs come equipped with features that help you get rid of stubborn messes efficiently without having to worry about getting dirty yourself by touching them directly. Cleaning liquid spills? Shop vacs are ideal for wet and dry pick-up.

  • Recovery of Materials

This is an often-overlooked benefit of industrial vacuums, but these powerful tools can actually recover and help you reuse certain materials that would otherwise be thrown out at the end of each day. They can also help you to reduce the cost of cleanup and disposal of waste products.

  • Sturdy and Powerful

Unlike regular vacuums, shop vacs are durable and capable of handling dust, debris, and heavy objects that need to be picked up. They have powerful suction and they do not throw dust and other irritants into the air the way that regular vacuums or sweeping might.

  • Wet and Dry Use

Many industrial shop vacs can be used for both wet and dry functions and investing in a wet and dry vacuum can save you a ton of effort cleaning up messes of many kinds. While not every shop vac can handle both wet and dry vacuum needs, you can select from various styles of this type of shop vac if that is part of your normal daily cleanup process.

  • Less Maintenance

These powerful vacuums often require much less in the way of maintenance, and some of them do not use bags or other removable containers for collecting debris. These models are made to be easy to clean up as well as for easy disposal of the debris they have collected.

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Kinds of Industrial Shop Vacs

If you are convinced that you need a shop vac, you might be wondering which style of a shop vac is the right one for your needs.

1. Traditional Shop Vac

This is the kind of shop vac that most people have seen or even used before. They can come in many sizes and have more or less powerful motors. They will usually have a plastic collection bin that is made for easy dumping as well as hoses and lots of attachments and tools.

This style of vacuum is typically on casters so that it will roll easily around a large space and they often come with industrial filters that are made to handle tough and dusty jobs.  This is a great choice for woodworking or other dusty jobs as well as to suck up powdery chemical matter.

2. Hepa vacuum

These industrial vacuums are designed much the same as other industrial shop vacs, but they are made to handle high-quality filters that will catch the finest particulate matter. This can be very important if you are working with substances that can harm the lungs if they are breathed in, as well as if you are maintaining a workspace that has to be allergen or dust-free.

These filters are more expensive and sometimes require that the vacuum be designed in a unique way to allow for their use, but Hepa filters can be the right solution for your business needs, even if you have to clean up wet messes along with dry messes.

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3. Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet and dry vacuum styles are perfect for generic clean-up processes. Some kinds of industrial work will make both wet and dry messes each day that you will need to attend to. You might also have this kind of vacuum on hand for the instance that something wet is spilled, even if that is not a daily occurrence.

These vacuums can sometimes cost more than other styles because they will require two waste bins, one for the dry messes and one for liquid messes. This is a very versatile choice to make and can help you to handle any kind of mess with ease.

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You Need a Shop-Vac if You Want to Save Time and Money

There is really no industrial environment or business that will not benefit from having at least one industrial shop vac on site. There are many messes that occur in a business or industrial environment that are significantly easier to clean up with the help of a shop vac.

Get the right shop vac for your needs today, and save yourself time and money on clean-up and waste management every year.

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