4 Signs Your Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment is Wearing Down

Red-Yellow-JanitorThere could be a number of reasons why a piece of equipment, such as commercial floor cleaning equipment, begins to wear down.

Here are four signs that could indicate the commercial floor cleaning equipment you use and operate on a regular basis is beginning to show signs of wearing out.

Sign #1: You need to repair certain components more frequently now.

If you find yourself or your maintenance personnel having to do simple repairs on the piece of equipment more frequently than you used to, then it’s a good sign that things are beginning to wear down more quickly. This is why it’s so important to have quality maintenance records so you can check back from a year ago or some other time period to determine how often it things were being replaced or repaired.

Sign #2: Your maintenance personnel are choosing to use inefficient equipment instead of the higher quality machines.

For example, it’s far better to use a floor scrubber in certain applications, but if your maintenance department and personnel are choosing to use a mop and bucket for considerably large jobs, it’s time to ask them why.

Sign #3: There is an un-even finish to the work.

If the floors don’t look as though they were cleaned or cleaned evenly, check the equipment. It could be the pad that needs to be replaced, something is out of alignment, or some other component needs to be repaired.

Sign #4: You’re just not happy with the results.

One of the best indicators that commercial floor cleaning equipment is old and worn out comes from the end results. If you’re not satisfied with the way your commercial floors look, it may not be the personnel you have cleaning them but the equipment that is worn out and broken down.

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