4 Signs Your Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment Is Worn Out

Red-Yellow-JanitorIt may be difficult trying to determine whether the commercial floor cleaning equipment you have is still working properly or if it has worn out. Good, quality commercial floor cleaning equipment should last for many years, especially if the maintenance personnel takes care of it properly.

Here are four signs, though, that may very well indicate the commercial floor cleaning equipment you’re using at the moment is old, broken down, and worn out. When it is, it’s not going to be doing a good job at keeping your floors looking great or protecting the material of the floor.

Sign #1: It keeps breaking down.

If the commercial floor cleaning equipment is constantly breaking down and needing repairs, that’s a pretty good indicator it’s worn out. You can keep replacing parts and investing money into it, but at some point in time it’s reasonable to consider completely replacing it.

Sign #2: The maintenance personnel beat on it.

If you notice the maintenance personnel taking the commercial floor cleaning equipment and smacking it, dragging it down stairs, shoving it in the closet without any concern for banging it around, or anything else, you have two major issues to contend with: dealing with your maintenance personnel and realizing the equipment may be worn out prematurely as a result of the abuse it’s been taking.

Sign #3: An uneven finish.

If you notice an uneven finish to the floor surface, that’s a pretty good indicator that the equipment is worn out and not working as well as it could or should.

Sign #4: It was relatively inexpensive to begin with.

The cheaper the equipment is, the less likely it will last for many years into the future. If the equipment was considered a bargain at the time, it may be manufactured with the cheapest possible parts and components. If that’s the case, it will more likely break down and wear out much quicker than higher quality machines.

Centaur Floor Machines, for example, are some of the most well-built in the industry and there are clients still using their Centaur floor cleaning equipment they purchased in the 1960s.

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