4 Ways to Avoid Worries about Surprise Commercial Health Inspections

4 Ways to Avoid Worries about Surprise Commercial Health Inspections

One thing that seems to rile up business owners, managers, and other executives more than anything else are surprise health inspections. There are plenty of things business owners can do to limit their risk with regard to surprise health inspections, and here are four of them.

1. Keep up with commercial floor maintenance.

You might not spend a lot of time focused on the commercial floor of your facility, but the health inspector will. Even if you have an incredibly busy business with people coming and going throughout the day, the inspector is going to be looking for certain conditions of the floor, including overall relative cleanliness.

If you only lightly mop or do a basic cleaning every once in a while, they will notice it.

2. Focus on proper cleaning schedules.

If you or your employees don’t know when this cleaning is supposed be done for various parts of the facility, there are probably going to be plenty of things that get overlooked. Sit down with your maintenance department or certain employees and assign responsibilities for various sections or departments.

Don’t forget to have somebody responsible for cleaning the commercial floors on a daily basis.

3. Have somebody visually inspect the commercial floors every single day.

If somebody drops gum, tape, or something else that can stick to floors, it can get overlooked quite easily, especially if somebody is not responsible for keeping the floor in good condition. As long as somebody is walking around and checking the floor on a daily basis, your surprise health inspection should be no trouble, at least when it comes to the floor.

4. Keep everything above the floor clean as well.

Whatever is dirty on shelves or other surfaces above the floor will likely drift down onto the floor itself. If you keep the floor looking great, but the shelves are dirty and contaminated, the floor is going to become dirty as well.

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