4 Ways to Inspire Your Maintenance Crew

3 Reasons to Keep Rubber Tires and Carts Off Commercial FloorsYour maintenance department may have its hands full, especially in an older commercial facility. They might be running around chasing down electrical problems, plumbing issues, fixing holes in walls, and more.

This is basically the life of maintenance personnel. At times, they can become frustrated, angry, and even give up trying to do their best. When that happens, inspiration can be hard to come by, yet it is that inspiration that makes a world of difference.

Here are four things you can consider trying that may just inspire your maintenance crew to work harder and maintain those commercial floors and the rest of the property looking it’s best.

Offer incentives.

Set a standard that you want your maintenance department to live up to. Once they understand the expectations, offer some incentives. These can include bonuses, prizes, and more.

People are often motivated to work a bit harder when they know there’s a chance they can earn something from it beyond just the normal paycheck.

Thank them for their work.

Getting the company owner, CEO, or other executive to sit down and meet with the maintenance personnel on a regular basis to discuss any issues they may have and thank them personally for the work they do can be a great inspiration.

People want to know there efforts make a difference and when they hear it from the top brass, it certainly can inspire.

Get the right equipment for them.

Asking somebody to do a good job with broken down equipment or without the right tools is not fair. Make sure the maintenance personnel have the right tools and quality equipment for the job.

Listen to them.

Your maintenance personnel are your eyes and ears throughout the entire facility. If you don’t sit down and listen to what they have to say about the facility, the floor surfaces, certain employees that are taking care of things properly, or anything else, you’re missing out on a wonderful opportunity.

When somebody feels that those in positions of authority are actually listening to what they have to say, it offers a great deal of inspiration and makes them believe their opinion really counts, which it certainly should.

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