5 Reasons Paying Attention to Baseboards Improves Cleanliness of Commercial Floors


Cove Baseboard CleaningFor those individuals who are responsible for commercial floor maintenance, the main focus tends to be on the floors themselves. However, there are many different aspects of any commercial space that can affect cleanliness.

One of those has to do with the baseboards.

Depending on the type of commercial facility, a baseboard could be similar to what is found in most Toronto area homes. That would be a small strip of wood that is placed at the base of the wall to tie in the flooring. For a hospital or school, for example, it may be a rubber baseboard that is affixed to the base of the wall.

There are plenty of reasons to focus on cleaning baseboards when taking care of commercial floors, and here are five.

Reason #1: Dust can collect on the baseboards. Dust gets trapped on the baseboards, just like any other surface in the building. When a person has finished cleaning the floors, that dust can get blown down onto the surface, making it look a little less professional.

Reason #2: When vacuuming, sweeping, or even mopping, dirt can get moved onto this baseboards. Even as the baseboards are completely clean before taking care of the floor, the dust and other dirt can build up during the cleaning process.

Reason #3: It is often neglected. Many people don’t pay much attention to baseboards, which is why they don’t get cleaned as often as the rest of the facility.

Reason #4: Feet, wheels, and other items often run into the baseboards. When people are walking around or pushing carts, they may steer wide of traffic and that puts them in contact with the wall. Their feet, dirty shoes for example, make contact with the baseboards and transfer residual dirt onto them.

Reason #5: Baseboard cleaners make the job easy. By relying on professional commercial floor cleaning equipment, including a baseboard cleaner, it is much easier to maintain commercial facilities in the best way possible. Don’t overlook the baseboards when taking care of any commercial floor space.

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