7 (Little Known) Ways The Centaur Rabbit-3 Makes Your Job Easier & Quicker

...And Makes It a Joy To Use

As a professional cleaner, you know that efficiency is the key to the work you do.

The less time you waste on a job, the more time you save, and the more productive you are.  This means the more time you have to get to your next task or spend any way you want.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 7 ways the Centaur Rabbit-3 makes your job easier and quicker.

Way #1: The Power Indicator Light

We often get told by customers when they can’t start their floor machine how frustrating it is.

Sometimes, they are screaming at the last person who used the machine because they think he/she broke it and didn’t tell them.

Other times, people just become frustrated thinking that what was supposed to be a short job turned into something much longer as soon as they think their equipment just died on them before even starting their job.

When in reality, 80% of the time, it’s not that there is a fault or problem with your machine. It just means you have no electricity running to the outlet and consequently can’t turn on anything plugged into it.

That’s why Centaur has taken some steps towards preventing this frustration by adding an indicator light on the switch box panel of their machines.

When you plug in the Rabbit-3, it will tell you if there is power coming to your machine. If that light doesn’t come on, it means there’s no power source and you simply have to find another power outlet that’s working.

Way #2: The Safety Button

When inexperienced people use swing machines, side to side machines, or floor buffers there is a high chance of property damage or the person getting injured.

These kinds of accidents are most common when newbies operate these machines because they haven’t yet learned to control and handle these single-disk rotary machines.

That’s probably why these machines are also sometimes referred to as “wall-bangers”.

The Rabbit-3 has a safety switch, which automatically switches off when you’re losing control of the machine or it gets out of hand.

While the safety switch is great for ensuring that damage and injury are minimized, at the end of the day:

  1. Anybody operating a swing machine must always read and follow the safety instructions that come with it
  2. And they must be trained in how to use a floor machine!

Way #3: The Detached Cable

Swing machines typically come with long electric power cords (50 ft in length).

It’s common for these electrical cables to get frayed, damaged, and cut from improper use or improper storage. When the power cord is damaged, the machine is inoperable, and you’ve got work downtime.

If that’s the case, you have to take the entire machine in for repair so the electric cable can be replaced. Not only can this become a costly repair, but you also have to transport the machine to a technician, or a service center and bring it back – adding further downtime to your productivity.

The Rabbit-3’s power cord is detachable, which means that if the cable gets damaged, you can just twist off and replace it.

And because this is a particular feature of the Rabbit-3, it means that you are saving yourself additional repair costs, unnecessary downtime (which is perhaps most important), and have an easy method for fixing the problem if it were to ever occur.

Another benefit of the detachable power cable is that when you detach the power cord, the machine is lighter to carry and transport.

Way #4: The Handle Height Adjuster

Adjusting the height of a machine is critical to getting your work done effectively.

It’s one thing that everyone does, but it can be kind of tricky because you have to make sure it’s at just the right level so you’re not hunched over or straining in any way during use.

Plus, different people operate their machines differently depending on how tall they are and how “high” they want the handle to be – all this needs consideration for an effective setup!

The Rabbit-3’s height adjustment lever is a really nice feature that eliminates the need for bending down to make adjustments or estimating your desired settings.

It lets you set it up exactly where and how you want to use the machine in the most comfortable position!

You’ll never have to bend down and guess whether the height is correct again. Just tighten the steel tri-nut, while standing up and you’re good to go!

Way #5: The Motor On The Rabbit-3

Floor machines are often called motors on a stick and I think that this nickname goes back to the fact that the motor is one of, if not THE most critical component in any swing machine or side-to-side machine.

Although there are a variety of motors out there, they can be broken down into two primary types: AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current). Within these categories lie more specific distinctions like size type, power rating, shape, etc., but the bottom line is that each motor has its own unique advantages over another.

To consistently provide the best experience possible, we have made sure that all our machine motors are ones that you can depend on. Therefore, when selecting a motor for our Rabbit-3 series, it was essential for us to select a DC motor to provide high-quality performance and reliability over the lifetime of the floor machine.

Way #6: The Motor Servicing Light

Having elected to use a DC motor, one of the things that we recognize is those motors have carbon brushes and they wear out over time.

In most floor machines with a DC motor, there’s no easy way to tell when these carbon brushes need replacement which can cause some severe damage if you don’t replace them on time.

That’s why Centaur introduced a small indicator light on the shroud of the motor that tells you when the carbon brushes need changing.

It’s like how an oil change light works in a vehicle, letting you know it’s time for an oil change.

The carbon brushes on the Rabbit-3 need replacing approximately every 10 years or so, is easy to do, and the brushes are very inexpensive.

Way #7: The Pull-Pins

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t have enough space for your equipment or need to take it somewhere else? This can be frustrating, and we understand that. We hear from customers about this issue all the time!

This can be a very frustrating problem, usually when you don’t have enough space in your vehicle for some critical piece of equipment that’s needed at the job site. And it doesn’t help if you find yourself with a small car and need to take something from one work site to another because an emergency or requirement arises.

One of the elements of design in the Rabbit-3 was to introduce pull pins that hold the base and handle together. The use of these is intentional because by simply removing two pins at either end, you can easily detach both ends from one another: this makes transportation a cinch for Centaur’s floor machines–including your Rabbit-3.

In Summary

The Centaur Rabbit-3 has been carefully engineered and purpose-built with features and functionality (unlike other floor machines) to make your work as a professional cleaner easier and more efficient.

In addition to the above 7 little-known ways, the Rabbit-3 has seven more design features to help you complete jobs in less time. For an in-depth look at all the ways, the Rabbit-3 can both make and save you time and money, watch this demo video.

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