A String Mop May Still be Useful for Commercial Floors, in Some Applications

janitor-stick-2There used to be a time when almost every business owner relied on the traditional string mop to clean the floors. This was especially true for smaller businesses and while there are plenty who still use these mops, they are not really that sanitary.

In fact, for those business owners who have some type of food service, such as a delicatessen, using a string mop to clean the floors every night is actually unsanitary. It might look as though it is cleaning the floor properly, but it’s not.

The minute the mop touches a dirty floor and is moved around with the water, you will begin to notice it getting dirtier and dirtier. Unless you plan on changing the mop head every single day, it is simply not practical for these particular situations where sanitation is essential.

However, a string mop may still be useful in some commercial applications and on some commercial floors.

Small areas to clean.

When there is a small surface area to clean on a regular basis, and it is too small for a larger machine, especially a ride on floor cleaning scrubber, then a string mop may be useful. As long as sanitation isn’t a major priority, then this could be useful, especially for storage closets or other similar facilities.

Small spills.

Accidents and small spills will happen. During the winter in Toronto, people are often going to track in snow, slush, and ice on their feet and that will bring in road salts, grime, and other contaminants that need to be cleaned up quickly before they embed into the floor surface. A string mop is useful in these situations because the maintenance personnel can contain the cleaning area and be unobtrusive.

When quiet is necessary.

When it’s absolutely essential to be quiet and still clean the surface areas, a string mop can be incredibly useful. It’s just not practical for all commercial surfaces or applications.

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