Avoid Neglecting Your Commercial Floors Just because Summer Has Arrived

Home Cleaning Tips that Can Positively Impact Commercial SpacesSummer usually means warm temperatures, a great deal of abundant sunshine, some rain, a few severe storms that may run through every now and again, and more vacation time that people want to take. It’s during the summer that there is a tendency to pay less attention to the quality and condition of cleanliness throughout most commercial spaces.

It’s important to focus on general maintenance, repairing many things that couldn’t be done during the winter, and taking on other projects that had to wait for warmer weather, especially parking area and curb replacements and repairs, but it’s still is just as important to focus on commercial floor maintenance during summer as it was during the winter.

Keeping the floors clean on a daily basis should be a top priority. If the floor is not maintained properly, it can lead to dirt working down into cracks and crevices between tiles, loosening those tiles, and wearing down the wax finish on linoleum floors.

Washing and cleaning the floors daily is just one part of the process. The floor should also be stripped, polished, waxed, and buffed on a regular basis as well. Some businesses and maintenance departments tend to put these projects off until the fall or when the floors begin to really show signs of abuse and wear-and-tear, but even though the floors may look decent after a week or two, regular maintenance should be part of the process.

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