Best Machines for Hard Floor Cleaning

TTC-889-6With the right equipment, keeping hard floors clean and beautiful is easy. Centaur has a variety of machines that will clean everything from high-end residential tile and grout to commercial grade warehouse concrete floors. No doubt, there is a machine available to handle your floor cleaning needs.

The most commonly used floor machine is called either a floor buffer or swing machine (depending who you talk to). These are very versatile and with the right attachments, they can clean any type of hard flooring.

Using a buffer equipped with a red or white buffing pad, you can clean vinyl tile. This is a popular flooring type in supermarkets and hospitals. For complete removal of the tiles’ wax coating, attach a black stripping pad.

Centaur sells a variety of pads that make polishing and honing marble and granite floors possible. If you have wood floors at your facility, try using a floor buffer with a sanding screen before you lug out the drum sander to touch up scratches in the floor’s finish.

You can also clean tile and grout with this type of machine by attaching a grit brush with varying length bristles. Using a diamond grit-scraping block you can even clean and polish concrete.

Floor buffer machines are as common to find in a janitor’s closet as a mop or broom. Given their portable nature, these machines are a wise investment for the professional cleaning service, since they allow the user to clean many different surfaces with the same machine.

You can also look into an auto scrubber machine if a floor buffer isn’t quite what you need. These machines come in walk behind and ride on models. They do everything in one pass: wash, scrub, and dry. These units release a cleaning solution that is then scrubbed over the floor.

These machines use either a cylindrical brush or a rotary pad, similar to a floor buffer. The final step is a squeegee connected to a powerful vacuum motor that removes dirt, debris, and cleaning solution from the floor, leaving it clean and dry.

If you clean a lot of grout, investing in a turbo grout tool is a wise decision. Professional grout and tile cleaners use these tools because they clean well and are fast. The tool connects to high-powered carpet cleaning machine, such as truck mounted machines or portables with water pumps.

The tool is made of a round head connected to a standard size carpet cleaning vacuum wand. Inside the head is a spinning rod with two spray nozzles. Water is forced through the two spray jets to blast dirt from floors, including the soil trapped in porous grout. They are similar to pressure washers.

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