Building Leaders in the Maintenance Department

Janitor stick polishYou have an entire maintenance department responsible for keeping your commercial facility in great shape. That likely includes commercial floor maintenance.

While you may have invested in several different maintenance personnel, and you may have identified one person who shows leadership potential. If not, there are steps you can take to help build leadership skills and characteristics within your staff, or find somebody already in the department who has those characteristics already in place.

The importance of leadership qualities.

It may “just be the maintenance department,” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to have a direct impact on the overall condition or value of the business itself. The larger the facility, the more important the maintenance department becomes. It’s not just about addressing and repairing issues as they arise; it’s also about maintaining a clean and safe environment for everyone who uses the facility, whether it’s employees, clients, partners, customers, the general public, or anyone else.

How to help build leadership in the maintenance department.

One of the best ways to build leadership is to empower the individuals, giving them more authority and encouraging them to see their personal investment and how it will affect the company.

When people understand the company’s long-term goals, they can buy into those goals and have a stronger vested interest in making sure it achieves them.

After that, it’s about providing the right training and understanding about personal interactions. When the maintenance department leader is focused on not only taking care of problems as they arise, but also creating a comfortable and safe environment for everyone, it will often inspire him or her to make a more vested effort in staying on top of all of those issues.

When a leader emerges in the maintenance department, the condition of the facility, including those commercial floors, will generally improve. Also, perceived interactions between customers, the general public, and others and the maintenance personnel should also improve.

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