Checking Out the ‘Competition’ Could Give You Valuable Insight on What Is (Or Isn’t) Working for Commercial Maintenance Projects

Magnifying GlassThere’s something to be said about checking out the competition. After all, even though you are in direct competition with other businesses, the way they do things, the way they go about various processes, can provide you some valuable insight into what works and what might not work.

Some companies invest a great deal in their general maintenance department.

A commercial facility that might be 20 years old, for example, on the outside may be showing some signs of age and fatigue, but when you step inside, it looks almost new. Sure, they may have replaced the floor recently, but what if it’s been several years or even a decade or more since that happened?

Would that still be impressive?

Most likely, it would. But, the key point to think about is how others view the facility itself. Talking to tenants -whether it’s companies, retailers, or others- can provide valuable insight into what’s more important to them and ultimately the value in certain maintenance projects.

For example, many people will say the cleanliness of the facility is of the utmost importance. Yes, it’s crucial to have the HVAC system working, especially on extremely hot or cold days, and that the climate is controlled adequately for all floors of the building, but if the facility looks haggard, old, or dirty, it can actually feel as though it’s a reflection on their own business, though they’re just leasing space there.

Many people are not so concerned about the inner workings of the facility, so long as things function properly. They are, however, most concerned with how it looks from the outside, how safe and welcoming the walkways are, how easy it is to walk inside (how the doors open and so on), how the floors look, that they shine and sparkle, and that the rest of the facility is maintained well.

When you think about it, it all starts with the cleanliness of those commercial floor surfaces. What do you think? Have you ever checked out some of your competition to see what insights you could gain about the value of the floors, clean windows, or other aspects your own tenants care about most? Let us know your thoughts.

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