Choose the Optimal Tile Cleaning Machine for Your Commercial Floors

rabbit-3Choosing any type of machine for commercial business requires careful consideration. When you’re talking about a tile cleaning machine, you don’t want to end up having to replace it every year because it wears out. You also don’t want to cause damage to the tile flooring.

Below are a few simple things to consider to help you choose the optimal tile cleaning machine.

1. How much maintenance and upkeep will the machine require?

If you choose a tile cleaning machine that has to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned, have parts replaced on a regular basis, and other general maintenance just to keep it working properly, you’re going to spend far more time and man-hours keeping it in good condition. That’s not fiscally responsible.

2. How much will the particular tile cleaning machine reduce operating expenses?

If a certain machine takes longer to do the job right, you’re going to spend more money for your employees than if you invested in a higher quality piece of equipment.

3. Make sure the tanks are easy to empty.

It may be a relatively easy job, but some tile cleaning machines make it almost impossible to simply and easily empty the tanks. The same goes for the cleaning solution tanks. You want to be sure that these can be emptied easily so that your maintenance crew are not wasting valuable time doing this simple task.

4. Versatility.

You want commercial floor cleaning equipment that is versatile and can be used on various surfaces. Some tile cleaning machines are only specifically designed for certain ceramic tile surfaces. You may also have marble, terrazzo, and other surfaces that need to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time. Don’t fall for the common trap of choosing a cheaper machine and end up having to buy multiple machines for various surfaces.

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