Cleaning Commercial Floor Surfaces Doesn’t Have to Be an Activity EVERYONE in the Facility Knows Is Going on at That Time

benefits of hardwood in hospitalsOne issue many commercial facilities that essentially operate 24 hours a day faces is how to keep the floor surfaces clean without being disruptive to businesses, clients, partners, consumers, and more. Hospitals are often the most commonly thought of facility that has to contend with these issues.

Men and women who spend a considerable amount of time in hospitals, either for themselves or visiting a family member or friend, when asked, might stop and think about it and realize they rarely ever saw anybody out and about, using heavy machines, making a lot of noise, and inconveniencing those who needed to go somewhere.

It’s not always easy to keep this work under wraps, so to speak.

It requires planning. It requires diligence. When a commercial facility needs to be cleaned, but there are employees and others who are constantly using the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that is a serious challenge.

First, it starts with understanding where to clean.

Not every part of the facility is likely going to experience a lot of foot traffic during the overnight hours. That’s usually when most of the ‘heavy lifting’ will take place, in a manner of speaking. Polishing, stripping, waxing, buffing, and basically cleaning floors are usually going to be reserved for nighttime or overnight hours.

Even so, people are going to notice it, right?

Most likely there are certainly going to be people who notice the cleaning going on. But, with the right floor cleaning machines-those that are powerful yet quiet- are going to draw a lot less attention than others.

A nice, quiet, smooth running floor cleaning machine can get the job done without drawing any extra attention to it. So, a person could be in a waiting area in a hospital, completely unaware that just around the corner in the hallway that is barely being used the floors are being stripped, cleaned, waxed, and polished.

That’s the best way to approach commercial floor cleaning without drawing too much attention to it.

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