Combining Equipment with Strategies to Limit the ‘Outdoors’ from Pouring in This Winter

Mat Services: Worth the Investment or Overkill?It’s absolutely crucial that any commercial facility have the right equipment to take care of each aspect. For example, the maintenance department will be responsible for keeping those commercial floor surfaces clean throughout the rest of this fall season and into winter.

As people drag in dirt, leaves, and eventually snow, slush, road salt, sand, and more, it’s going to be that much more difficult to keep on top of everything. It’s important to realize that combining the right equipment with effective strategies is the best approach moving forward.

Consider the Rabbit-3 floor cleaning machine.

The Rabbit-3 from Centaur Floor Machines is one of the leading multitask floor machines out there. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and can help the maintenance department keep on top of her, sand, grime, and the ‘outdoors’ trying to infiltrate the facility as more people come in and out, especially when it’s snowing outside.

Use walk off mats.

Walkoff, or extraction, mats, are incredibly effective when placed just outside the entry doors and inside. These mats can trap a lot of the snow and slush and road salts that would otherwise be tracked in and on the linoleum tile surface of the commercial floor inside the facility.

Having the right mats is important, and making sure they get scraped off as the accumulate more water or snow or ice is also vital.

Moving traffic to various directions is also a good idea.

Using ropes or ribbons, the maintenance personnel can direct traffic from the door to the right side of the floor for a couple of hours in the morning, towards the middle of the area in the afternoon, and then to the left side in the evening. This helps to spread out foot traffic, reducing wear patterns that can develop over time.

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