Commercial Cleaning Challenges as Summer Winds Down

open windowEven though summer is winding down, it’s important to stay atop cleaning schedules for commercial facilities. Whether it’s a hospital, school, factory, warehouse, or some other type of business, it is absolutely essential to make sure the floors continue looking their best and are safe for everyone.

There could be a number of challenges, though, for some commercial facilities as summer comes to an end.

Getting in last minute vacation time.

Many workers save their vacations for summer, and with so many people wanting to head away, some may have to be pushed off as long as possible. As summer begins to wind down, scheduling an appropriate vacation time could mean reduced man-hours on hand to take care of those floor surfaces.

The change in season.

Even though we might still be enjoying some warm summer temperatures, the evenings can get cool, and the temperatures can fluctuate more dramatically as we head into autumn. Because of that, storms are more likely.

Torrential downpours, hail, and other conditions, including extremely high winds, can mean a lot more dirt being tracked in. That means the maintenance department has to stay on top of these issues.

Walk off mats are a great idea, but they won’t be enough. Some commercial facilities only rely on these mats during the winter months, but they can be an asset during fall as well.


As autumn rolls in, daylight hours will decrease. Some places rely on outside lighting when they are cleaning the floors, especially during those later evening hours. Optimal lighting will be necessary and that might mean bringing in halogen lights or supplementing the existing light to ensure the maintenance department has good visibility and no excuses for missing certain areas.

As we head from summer into fall, making the necessary adjustments will be important to keeping up with the cleanliness of those commercial floor surfaces.

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