Commercial Vacuums for Business

Every facility has dirt; it is a fact of life in the industrial world. There are many times when hazardous materials are used in manufacturing or are produced by the manufacturing processes. This can cause a potentially dangerous situation for workers as threats range from airborne dust that can irritate the nose, eyes, and lungs to dangerous potent compounds.

Every facility should employ at least one industrial vacuum to collect as much of this debris as possible. But keeping these dangerous materials away from your workers is only half the battle – it must also be disposed of safely. This poses an extra risk for cleaning and housekeeping personnel.

The most advanced industrial vacuums are engineered with safety in mind and feature special options that enable cleaning teams to quickly and efficiently collect dangerous material and easily dispose of them without ever risking contact.

Using a specialized commercial vacuum is essential because sweeping and blowing debris with compressed air can exacerbate air pollution issues by spreading dirt and pathogens around. Dangerous dust particulates become airborne irritants or, worse, potential explosion hazards. Bacteria can end up compacted into nooks and crannies and hidden atop overhead racks, ductwork, and dropped ceilings.

Manual cleaning tools are virtually useless in these situations. Industrial vacuums, however, extricate debris and are more efficient in the process. They also ensure better air quality and offer improved ergonomics for cleaning personnel.

The vacuum you need for industrial jobs won’t be found at a big box retailer. The wet/dry vac you use in your garage won’t cut it, either. Using shop-style vacuums in industrial situations may violate CCOHS standards. Industrial vacuums are the safe choice when it comes to compliance and hygiene.

Because they are designed for use in business and industrial settings, commercial vacuums offer features that make them easier to operate in workplace situations, minimizing the risk of operator injuries. For example, some models offer wheeled collection containers. Tip and pour systems also eliminate heavy lifting and can prevent back injuries and muscle strains.

No matter what type of industry you are in, always remember that good housekeeping is good business. Companies should work directly with an industrial vacuum supplier to assess facilities’ needs and goals. The supplier also should provide employees with training on vacuum use and proper maintenance to ensure housekeeping staff use the tools safely and effectively. Good housekeeping makes for a safe workplace and ensures your operation is in compliance with government and industry regulations.

Call Centaur Machines to discuss your cleaning needs. We’ll help you choose the right vacuum to help you maintain the safety and cleanliness of your facility.

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