Some Crucial Tips for Maintaining Marble Floor Surfaces

marble textureTaking care of marble floors may seem like quite a bit of a challenge, especially if you’ve never had to do this before. Here are some tips that can make a world of difference, especially for a commercial facility that has gorgeous marble floors at the entrance.

Remember, marble is porous.

Keep in mind that marble, even though it looks incredible and can have a great shine to it, it is still porous. That means they can absorb fluids and even fine dust particles. Anything that gets built on the marble should be cleaned up immediately and the right type of solutions should be applied to help avoid deep penetration of the materials.

Sweep with a dry, clean dust mop.

Don’t use a bristle broom to clean marble floor surfaces. Instead, use a dry dust mop. If any grit is on the marble surface, it could cause etching and that will cause the marble to lose its shine.

Avoid using harsh cleaners designed for ceramic tile.

Marble is natural stone and if you immediately assume a cleaner that is designed for ceramic tile floors will be good enough, it can cause a lot of damage.

Don’t use acidic cleaners.

Vinegar and water might work well for a lot of surfaces, but it can actually etch the surface of marble floors.

Use only cleaners that have a neutral pH balance and are acid-free.

When cleaning marble floors, only use cleaning solutions that have a neutral pH balance and don’t have any acid in them. If you can’t find the right type of cleaning solution for marble floors, you can simply use a soft mop and clean water.

It’s a much better solution to do this than use harsh chemicals as a substitute.

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Never use a vacuum cleaner on marble floor surfaces.

The wheels, roller, brushes, and other objects on a traditional vacuum cleaner can cause damage to the floor surface. It’s one reason why few commercial facilities have marble across most of the floor surface. They may be ideal for entryways or other areas designed to look incredible, but if you’re planning on installing a new floor surface and wish to have some marble, you might want to consider limiting just how much marble you add.

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