Cut Floor Stripping Times in Half with the Rabbit-3

rabbit-3_00038Stripping, polishing, and waxing commercial floor surfaces can take a significant amount of time. It could take many hours just to strip down these commercial floor surfaces. The larger the facility, the longer it’s going to take. In some cases, stripping large shopping malls, hospital areas, schools, and so on could take a matter of days and possibly even weeks. It may be necessary to work on one small section at a time, closing it off to foot traffic or waiting until after normal business hours and working throughout the night just to get the job done.

There are ways to cut these floor stripping times.

It’s not only imperative to have experienced and dedicated maintenance personnel working for you, but to also equip them with the right machines. The Rabbit-3 floor cleaning machine is one of the most versatile and powerful on the market.

The Rabbit-3 will adjust to workload and a wide range of conditions. Its speed will adjust as well. It offers numerous benefits that go far beyond just floor stripping, but for this task, with the 40 pound horseshoe weights that are added, it can cut down floor stripping times in half.

It also helps to clean baseboards quickly and easily.

With a special attachment, you can not only clean the floor surfaces, but also take care of the baseboards effectively and efficiently. The Rabbit-3 also:

  • Cleans carpeting
  • Cleans grout
  • Spray buffs vinyl floors
  • Cleans baseboards up to 8 inches high
  • Offers easy transportation

No other commercial cleaning machine offers the kind of versatility, speed, efficiency that the Rabbit-3 does. It can be a great asset to any commercial facility. Centaur Floor Machines, which produces the Rabbit-3, has been manufacturing some of the most durable and lasting commercial floor cleaning machines for the past 50 years. In fact, some of the machines they produced in the 1960s and 70s are still being used today.

It is truly an investment that can save you time and, ultimately, money in the future.

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