What Is Dustless Floor Refinishing?

Woodpecker SanderA dustless floor sander works just like other floor sanders except it is designed to suction dust created by the wood floor before it gets into the air to settle on surfaces and be breathed in. Dustless sanding is not just helpful for worker health and safety, it is also beneficial in work areas that are already furnished. This keeps sanding dust from filtering into electronics and other delicate equipment. In an office setting, dustless sanding creates less cleanup time once the floor is complete.

Dustless sanders come in many sizes and types ranging from handheld models to dry wall sanders, to the largest type, floor sanders. These large, heavy-duty sanders usually work in the same way as smaller orbital sanders, but on a much larger scale. In some cases, floor sanders are belt-sanders instead of orbital sanders.

The best types for commercial work are sanders with a separate canister. A long vacuum hose is attached to the vacuum motor. The sander is then hooked up to the vacuum hose. This set up ensures greater suction, and therefore better dust collection.

There are many reasons to use a dustless machine; one of the most apparent is that it is better for those with allergies. There is much less wood dust floating in the air than there would be during a traditional floor refinishing project. Investing in one of these machines means you can promise your clients a much cleaner and safer work area and less clean up time afterward. This can be a big selling point for your services.

The Centaur Woodpecker Dustless Floor Sander is an excellent machine to finish gym floors, classrooms floors, and apartment parquet. It has two fluorescent light bulbs to help illuminate the work area. It is equipped with an exhaust port. The attached vacuum will remove airborne dust, thus keeping the environment cleaner during the entire process.

The machine cleans baseboards and grout as well. It will sand within ¾ of an inch to the wall, which means you don’t need an edger. It is a soft start, single speed machine designed for sanding and finishing wood floors. If you have any questions about Centaur or the Woodpecker give us a call or download our product catalogue. We are located in Markham, Ontario and offer service worldwide.

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