Floor Finish Matters

Floor SealerFloors may seem to be ignored by most people but subconsciously we all notice and judge them. Whether they’re in an office building, a school, or a supermarket, floors bear the brunt of unrelenting traffic; abuse that can leave them looking dingy and reflect poorly on the facility.

People judge the cleanliness of a facility based on the floors, even if they’re not aware they are doing it. If you walk into a facility and the floors are filthy, you consider the place dirty. If the floors are clean, you feel that it’s cared for and well maintained.

Along with a regular floor maintenance program, custodians must rely on sealers and finishes to not only improve and maintain the appearance of flooring but also protect it from daily wear and tear.

Custodial managers and visitors like the shine, but floor finishes are used primarily to protect the floor. A nice foundation of finish will absorb all the scratches and hard knocks instead of the base product that could otherwise be permanently scratched or damaged.

Vinyl composition tile is the most typical flooring type that needs this level of protection due to extensive use. Found in many institutions and public areas, such as hospitals, schools, and similar buildings, it generally takes a lot of wear and tear. Newer types of synthetic flooring are also becoming popular for their durability and require a similar floor care regimen. Although synthetic floors reportedly require less maintenance, they still need finish.

Most flooring experts suggest two coats of sealer to fill in porous surfaces and prevent staining. But these products are continually being improved; not all of the newer floor finishes on the market need a separate sealer. It used to be two coats of sealer to level the floor, and then your finish would lie on top and give you the glossy shine. These newer finishes adhere better to themselves than to sealers. It is recommended to apply 4-5 coats of finish.

Call Centaur with any questions about what type of finishing product you need and we’ll let you know if you need sealer to go along with it.

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