Floor Polishing Machine Basics

Floor PolishersMost floor grinders also serve as polishers. The difference is a simple matter of switching machine heads from a grinding one to polishing head. Buffing heads lift out dirt on the first pass and then polishing heads complete the job by producing a smooth, mirror-like finish.

There are slow and high-speed machines. The low speed machines typically spin the heads at about 175 RPM. Average weight for this kind of machine is about eighty-five to one hundred pounds. The motor sits right on top of the pad housing and the weight of the motor helps to force the pad deep into the flooring surface.

Spray buffing is a process that utilizes a 175 RPM or 375 RPM machine. The spray buffing method is the most commonly used one. The two-pass process removes dirt on the first pass and then polishes the surface on the second.

Ultra high-speed machines, or burnishers, spin at 1,000 to 3,000 RPM. The weight of the motor is offset to avoid placing all the unit weight on the pad. The goal is to have the very soft pad applied lightly, but at ultra high speed. The burnisher quickly produces a gloss finish.

Note that burnisher units cannot be used to remove dirt, as it would damage the machine and the floor. When using an ultra high-speed unit, the dirt must be removed first using another machine.

With a variety of machines to choose from, it is important to choose the right one for the job to avoid damage, down time, and financial loss.

Domestic units are fairly lightweight and are not designed for heavy-duty industrial projects. There is a large overlap in the way machines look, their available speeds, and applications. Using the wrong head, the wrong speed, or wrong procedure can be costly.

Polishers and buffers typically have 17-inch heads and are powered by electricity. There are also 24-inch units that are powered by propane. The larger units are perfect for industrial and commercial jobs involving thousands of square feet that must be cleaned and polished regularly.

For convenience and ease of use, battery operated units remove the hassle of power cords and the smell of propane. Battery operated units are extremely quiet, producing only about 59 decibels of sound. These are great for 24-hour work settings.

Burnishing creams and floor polishing solutions must also be carefully selected in order to protect equipment and produce the desired finish.

If you have questions about what type of floor machine or solution to use, call Centaur. We will help you figure out what machine is right for the job so you save money and time. We are located in Markham Ontario.

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