Floor Scrubbers in Toronto

Preparation-for-powder-polishing-6The right equipment is important no matter what size area you’re cleaning. If you’re in a commercial space, it is absolutely critical, otherwise you may waste time and money. When you have a big job, you want to use a powerful, walk behind machine to get it done properly and efficiently.

All cleaning equipment is not the same. When it comes to cleaning equipment and janitorial supplies, having the right tools makes every job easier, faster, and more cost-efficient. The machines offered by Centaur combine efficiency, power, and versatility. We will help you find the perfect machine for you and your job. It doesn’t matter if you have three or 300 rooms, the Centaur team will work with you to find the right answer for your needs and budget.

Since Centaur was first founded in 1962, a cornerstone of our approach has been to give our customers enduring quality. We manufacture walk behind floor scrubbers of various sizes and power levels so you will get exactly what you need for each job.

Our Rabbit 3 Floor Machine is one of our most popular models. It can:

– Spray buff vinyl floors
– Clean carpet
– Strip floors fast
– Clean baseboards up to 8 inches high
– Clean grout
– Transport easily
– Eliminate splashing during stripping

We not only provide top quality cleaning machines, we also offer accessories, cleaning solutions, chemicals, and additional equipment. Centaur is your one stop shop for cleaning and janitorial equipment. Through close relationships with every one of our customers, we are able to ensure that we are offering the perfect cleaning solution for every situation.

If you’re tired of dealing with vendors who are solely interested in your money, call Centaur today. We care about you. Our staff is highly trained on all the equipment we manufacture and sell. We’ll walk you through all your options and show you how to improve you skills and efficiency to get the job done better and faster.

Although our exclusive floor machines and cleaning products set us apart in the industry, we believe our hands-on approach to helping our customers find the right answers is the most important aspect that sets us apart from our competitors. For the very best deals on walk behind floor scrubbers in Toronto, make it a point to call Centaur first.

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