Floor Scrubbers

Rabbit 5 Floor ScrubberThe best floor scrubber will help keep floors clean without damaging them, yet should also be easy to use. The type of floor you have and the amount of space you are cleaning can largely determine the right model. You may need additional features if you plan on scrubbing floors commercially; for example, you may want a scrubber that can handle heavy degreasers if you are doing industrial cleaning.

A floor scrubber can clean wood, tile, or concrete floors; however, machines made for cleaning concrete are often too abrasive for other types. Ones with a disc-like attachment are normally less abrasive, making them a better choice for vinyl or laminated hardwood flooring. Scrubbers that have stiff brushes on the bottom are usually better for concrete because the bristles can penetrate the pores in the cement easily. You may want to use this equipment in a variety of settings, in which case a scrubber with removable attachments might work best for you.

Scrubbers are machines that rotate against the floor to clean. The most common scrubbers are single head units with removable pads or brushes depending on the floor type. Basic units do not have water solution tanks, but do have the same cleaning power that larger models.

All scrubbers have the same basic purpose but can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, you can polish tiled floors by buffing or you can strip the floor in preparation for waxing. In addition to cleaning and scrubbing floors, these machines can be used to grind concrete floors, remove glue on concrete, and sand wood floors. For these types of jobs, special pads and brushes are needed. Carpet cleaning is also possible with a scrubber by using a specially designed brush.

Scrubbers come in many sizes for different jobs. Larger size bonnet diameter for pads and brushes allow greater cleaning area in less time while smaller size bonnets make cleaning tight spaces easier. Models with solution tanks allow the user greater ease in cleaning, filling and spraying while the machine is in motion.

Centaur Floor Machines offer many models of floor scrubbers to cover all your needs. The Rabbit-3 model is a multipurpose machine that cleans many types of floors as well as baseboards up to 8 inches high. Transporting it is simple – taken apart it can fit in the trunk of a small car. The Rabbit-8 is a larger machine made to clean a bigger floor area. It can do carpets with the use of Centaur’s Best Shampoo Brush. The Rabbit-8 has a built-in pump which allows cleaning solutions to be sprayed in front, to the side, or directly on the brush or bonnet when activated from the handle. The Rocky model is a basic model for many uses and can be broken down for transporting. It includes extra weight on the base for easier cleaning and stripping.

If you’re not sure about what type of machine to go with, you can always drop us a line. For over 50 years we’ve helped countless individuals and businesses discover the solutions to their exact cleaning needs. We take everything into consideration including your budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us today; we’d love to help!

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