How to Clean Grout with a Tile & Grout Cleaning Machine

The Most Important Things to Consider

Although specialized tile and grout cleaning machines have been around for several years, we get a lot of questions from professional cleaners about how to use a floor machine to clean tile and grout.

In this article and the video above, we discuss what you need to consider when tackling the job of tile and grout cleaning using a floor machine.

Why is Grout Cleaning Important?

Grout is generally made up of a mixture of cement and sand and is used as a filler between tiles to help keep dirt and debris from getting in-between tiles and also to add strength and integrity to the tile installation.

Because grout is porous, any moisture (like water and fluids) that gets on the grout will get absorbed. And this means that when the grout dries, what remains in the grout is the dirt and fluid stain.

This is why mopping a tile floor only contributes further to dirty grout, because when you mop, you’re spreading the dirty water around onto the grout which gets absorbed.

This is the main reason for discolored or dirty grout. Dirty grout is also where grime, mold mildew, and bacteria easily collect.

So, the first reason grout cleaning is important is that you want to keep the floors (tile and grout) hygienic and clean.

And the 2nd reason grout cleaning is important is for aesthetic reasons. Discolored grout lines make the floor look old and dirty even if the tiles are clean. So, cleaning grout makes the grout lines looking like new again.

What Are the Different Ways to Clean Grout?

The old-fashioned way to clean grout (especially in residential settings) is using a brush on your hands and knees and using cleaning chemicals or homemade concoctions. As you can imagine this is hard work and requires a lot of elbow grease.

A far better way to clean grout (for both commercial and residential situations) is either using a floor machine with a brush (that’s safe for use on tile) or a machine with a pressurized hot water system.

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What’s The Process To Clean Tile and Grout With a Floor Machine?

In order to properly clean tile and grout floors, here’s what you need:

  1. A Floor Machine (Floor Buffer) With a Tile and Grout Cleaning Brush
    While any standard 175 RPM floor buffer would do, the type of cleaning brush you use is important because you want to use a brush that is aggressive enough to thoroughly clean the grout but not too aggressive to damage the tile.
  2.  A Wet & Dry Vac
    To pick up the waste after using the floor machine with a cleaning agent and to pick up the water after rinsing the floors with clean water.
  3. Floor Cleaning Solution (Agent)
    Choose a cleaning agent that is appropriate and safe for the tile and grout you are cleaning. A neutral (or close to neutral pH) cleaning agent like TroubleGone is an example of a cleaning solution that is safe to use on tile and has the properties to clean grout effectively.

For a further explanation on tile and grout cleaning, watch the video above.

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