The Hidden Beauty of Many Commercial Facilities Is in the Floor, and Once It’s Cleaned, Polished, and Buffed Properly, It Truly Does Shine

wood-floor-cleaningNot enough attention is placed on commercial floors in many facilities. That’s because they essentially serve a base purpose, but when an individual steps into a facility that is incredibly clean, well-maintained, and the floor absolutely shines, it does something to their impression, their emotions, and the way they feel about this facility itself.

It can make the person feel welcome.

But, for those commercial facilities that have old commercial floor cleaning machines and maintenance personnel who don’t really care as much about the cleanliness and the way it looks, it’s going to show over time. The floor will start to have impressions where the most common foot traffic occurs.

There’s going to be dirt building around the baseboards. There may even be cracks in the linoleum tile surface. In short, given enough time and a lack of true care when it comes to keeping those floor surfaces clean, it’s going to reflect in not only the floor surface, but the rest of the facility.

Even if the windows are professionally cleaned once a week, the walls have been repainted, and even brass work or an elevator door has been buffed to a nice polished shine, if that floor looks like it’s 10 years old and hasn’t been stripped, cleaned, waxed, and polished in months, the entire facility is going to offer a negative impression.

It’s easy to overlook the value in keeping those commercial floor surfaces clean.

After all, they are functional. Just how much investment in man-hours or equipment should a facility invest to keep those floors clean?

To answer this accurately, the next time you step into a building you’ve never been to before, pay attention to where your eyes go first. Most of the time they go down. People look where their feet are going as they step in from outside.

They notice the floor first. Then, from there, their gaze drags across the floor surface to the walls, to where the elevators are, to an information center, or even the incredible height of the lobby itself. No matter where their eyes go second, they almost always go to the floor first.

That’s why it is crucial to make sure those floor surfaces look their best and it all starts with the right commercial floor cleaning machines.

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