Hiring the Ideal Maintenance Personnel Matters

Janitor-with-cornbrmMaintaining a commercial facility requires discipline, experience, and dedicated personnel. If you’re an owner or supervisor and are responsible for making sure you hire the right maintenance personnel in putting together an ideal department responsible for not just general maintenance, but also cleaning, you need a few characteristics among those professionals.


Yes, you can hire maintenance personnel who don’t have any prior experience with this type of work, and it may be okay. They could get training, make mistakes, but eventually they will gain the experience you want them to have.

It’s best, though, the hire maintenance personnel who have at least some level of experience in this field.


Look at their resume. What about their references? What do the references say about them? Do they stay at the same job for a lengthy amount of time? Or do they hop from job to job?

If the prospective maintenance personnel has a tendency to leave jobs after a few months or maybe a year, they might not have the type of dedication you want in your personnel.

The ability to follow directions.

You might not have any direct experience with commercial floor maintenance, doing plumbing work, fixing leaks, changing fluorescent light bulbs, ballasts, or doing all of those other important jobs, so you’re not going to be the one providing direction to these individuals.

However, the supervisor of the maintenance department, or the person in charge of making sure all of these tasks are done properly, will be doing that. You want to surround him or her with individuals who are willing and able to listen to directions.

Do they care for the equipment?

If you get an opportunity to speak to previous employers, ask about how well they took care of the equipment they used. If they were abusive to equipment, didn’t seem to care about it, then they’ll probably act that same way with the equipment, including commercial floor cleaning equipment, you provide for them.

When you look for the right assets in your personnel, it will make a world of difference in helping to keep your commercial facilities looking their best and being as safe as possible.

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