With an Integrated SplashGuard You…

REDUCE TIME and WORK spent on each job AND… INCREASE your profit margins, as well.

Here’s why:

What is the SplashGuard?

The SplashGuard is a device that you find on every Centaur machine like the Rabbit-1, the Rabbit-3, and the Stonechat.  The SplashGuard, like its name suggests, is used to prevent the mess (created when using the floor machine) from spraying and splashing onto nearby walls, baseboards, and vertical surfaces.

How does the SplashGuard work?

When doing jobs like stripping wax off floors, or when grinding and polishing stone floors using a floor machine, it creates this messy wet mixture under the floor machine.  Depending on the job you’re doing, this messy mixture is made up of things like wax mixed with harsh chemical strippers, and dirt, or slurry.

And that dirty mixture, which can include corrosive and harmful chemicals, can damage things like furniture, display cases, standing counters, etc.

So, to prevent that messy wet mixture from ending up on nearby vertical surfaces, Centaur has designed an integrated SplashGuard that you can easily deploy on your Centaur machine.

When you “release” the SplashGuard (by turning 3 black knobs) the SplashGuard drops to the floor and covers the floor pad and pad driver. This ensures the SplashGuard will encapsulate the wet mess and keep it from spraying from under the machine as the floor pad or floor brush rotates (see the video for how this is done).

This means when you use the SplashGuard, you won’t end up spending WASTED TIME having to go back to clean baseboards and affected vertical surfaces by hand after every job.

What if you don’t have a SplashGuard to use?

The alternative to using a SplashGuard and avoiding the mess from getting on to walls and baseboards is by using some kind of polyethylene sheet and lining the walls and furniture with it before starting your job.

This could take you hours more to do depending on the size of the job you’re doing.

So the SplashGuard gives you a convenient way to…

  1. Avoid the extra headache of cleaning up afterward, and
  2. Save you the time you’d have to put in before a cleaning job to protect things like walls, baseboards, planters, lockers, display cases, and furniture.

Click here to see the different types of SplashGuards available from Centaur.

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