How to Negotiate a New Commercial Floor into the Space You’re Considering Leasing


How to Negotiate a New Commercial Floor into the Space You’re Considering LeasingIf you’re starting a small business and looking to lease space, you may have a lot of aspects that need to be covered with the negotiation. In most situations, every business is going to be different so their needs may vary, which is why it’s crucial to focus on negotiation to protect your investment, business, and assets well into the future.

If you’re planning on renting an existing commercial space, such as a retail storefront, and if the commercial floor that is in place at the moment is cheap, old, outdated, or has shown any signs of wear or does not fit into your design layout, before you sign the lease is the time to negotiate for a new floor.

Here are some tips that can help negotiate for that new commercial floor that will complement your business in the best way.

1. Determine the cost of your optimal commercial floor surface. As long as you know how much it may cost the property owner to replace the flooring, you have better bargaining power.

2. Have a list of various commercial floor surfaces and their prices. When you have a list of different surfaces, such as hardwood, polished concrete, linoleum, ceramic, and more, that puts you in better bargaining power, especially if the property owner is desperate to fill the space.

3. Aim high, but prepare to settle for less. You may prefer a gorgeous hardwood floor surface, but there are numerous vinyl floor surfaces that can be made to look like hardwood. Start with negotiations for a hardwood floor, but be willing to settle back down for a nice vinyl floor. It will beat the standard linoleum tile floor that may have been there already.

When you focus on knowing exactly what you want before you sign the lease, you will be in a much better bargaining position to help your business get off on the right foot.

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