How to Offer Proper Commercial Floor Maintenance Training

Baseboard Schools HospitalsBeing responsible for a commercial facility means hiring the right maintenance personnel to take care of the floors, as well as everything else. Even if the maintenance personnel you hire has prior experience taking care of commercial floor surfaces, it’s a good idea to offer them training so they fully understand your expectations and the best way to deal with this particular floor surface.

Every floor surface is different.

There could be concrete, polished concrete, linoleum, ceramic, and many other types of floor surfaces in a commercial facility. General maintenance for each of them is going to be subtly different. Some will require various cleaning solutions while others will benefit from different commercial floor cleaning equipment.

Offering proper training for your maintenance personnel is an important aspect of the hiring process in getting them on the same page to make sure those commercial floors are maintained properly.

Here are a few tips that can help you offer the right training.

Learn as much as you can about commercial floor surfaces.

You may not have a lot of experience taking care of a commercial floor, but you should educate yourself so you have a basic understanding. You can gain this knowledge by talking to your maintenance supervisor or reading about the various commercial floor surfaces that exist in your facility right now.

Hire an experienced professional.

You can hire a maintenance supervisor or experienced professional from another company to come in and provide training to your personnel on a consistent basis. This could be as they are hired or every six months or yearly.

Send them to training seminars.

Every so often certain companies offer training seminars for maintenance personnel on a variety of topics, including commercial floor maintenance. When you send your personnel to these seminars, they can gain an incredible amount of insight and knowledge, as well as information about the latest commercial floor cleaning equipment that can make the process better and even improve safety for your employees, clients, and even customers.

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