Improving Skillsets for Maintenance Personnel

Home Cleaning Tips that Can Positively Impact Commercial SpacesHow often do the maintenance personnel at your commercial facility go in for training? That will likely depend on a number of factors. Some maintenance personnel have been doing this work for decades. It seems as though they know every in and out of the system, processes, tools, and so much more that they could be providing training to other seasoned professionals.

However, technology has changed.

There are many new innovations in maintenance tools and equipment, including floor cleaning machines. Some of these new innovations make it easier for maintenance departments to keep on top of cleaning, stripping, polishing, buffing, waxing, and doing other necessary work on the floor surfaces.

What about the rest of the personnel department?

If you are lucky, you have maintenance personnel who have been working for you for years. Maybe you haven’t needed to hire anybody new in five, 10, or even more years. It’s a great feeling to have consistency and know exactly what to expect. In reality, though, most commercial facilities have a high turnover rate for their maintenance department.

If the new personnel don’t know expectations, don’t know how to properly use the floor cleaning equipment, if they don’t know the proper cleaning solutions or chemicals to use in various situations, mistakes will likely happen. Those mistakes could easily be corrected, but sometimes they can also cause damage or deterioration of the floor surfaces.

It’s a good idea to have the maintenance department keep up with regular training.

Some of this training can be provided in-house by companies providing the best floor cleaning machines or cleaning solutions. Some may require maintenance personnel to travel. Some may also be offered by video.

Even though it may take time away from the actual work at hand, many of these training sessions could ultimately save time and help better entrench some of the new personnel you have so they won’t be eager to leave as they see the company is willing to invest in them.

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