The Incredible (and Sometimes Hidden) Value Wet/Dry Vacuums Can Offer Commercial Facilities

Still Relying on a Residential Vacuum for Commercial Carpeted Office Space? How this Could be Harming EmployeesA wet/dry vacuum cleaner may be most commonly thought of for warehouse style facilities or a regular house, especially one with the basement or garage work area, but they can also be invaluable assets for some commercial facilities.

These wet/dry vacuum cleaners can be used to pick up a great deal of debris, including nails, coins, paperclips, nuts and bolts, sawdust, and even water and other moisture that gets spilled onto various floor surfaces. While these machines are not commonly used to maintain a basic office floor surface, they can be beneficial for a wide range of reasons, even in these types of office environments.

They can be used for isolated spills.

If something is spilled in an area, will a regular mop and bucket be effective? It might be, depending on the solution that was built. However, what if it was oil? What if it was some other type of material that will only be spread around with the mop, rather than being picked up?

In that case, a wet/dry vacuum would be a good option to consider to at least get the bulk of the material that was built up first.

They can also be effective on stairwells and in corners.

Hard-to-reach areas, including certain parts of restroom facilities or stairwells, might make it difficult to use a traditional vacuum cleaner or other type of floor cleaning machine. If dust, dirt, or other debris gets collected along the corners, along the stairs, or in other regions, a wet/dry vacuum might be a more powerful and effective option.

The right size, lightweight machine can easily be carried while the maintenance personnel is using the handheld attachment to focus the suction to the place where dirt collects.

Sometimes, it’s easy to focus on the main machines used in commercial floor maintenance, but a wet/dry vacuum could be an asset for the maintenance department in just about any commercial facility.

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